It has always been said that redheads come into their own during the autumn and winter. With the redhead friendly colours, cooler climates, and shady days, redheads come out of their shells and live life to the fullest in the winter months. 

The summertime is a whole different ball game, and you may have noticed the distinct lack of orange hair and freckled faces in sunny places at the height of summer. Redheads, and indeed, anyone with a fair complexion, can often struggle with sunlight and be more susceptible to burning. 

The reason for this is that redheads evolved in cold places. Scotland and Ireland are cold places and they have less sunlight than others, and people with red hair adapted to cope with this lack of sunlight by adapting the ability to create their own Vitamin D. This is why exposure to the sun can prove too much for a redhead, because biologically they are not equipped for it. 

If you or a friend with fiery locks want to make the most of the sun this summer, here are some essential sun care tips you have to know. 

Find shade

A sunny summer day is something we all look forward to enjoying, but with a rich mane of red hair and pale skin, it becomes a problem pretty quickly. The key to surviving in the summer sun is to find a source of shade to sit underneath. This could be playground shade sails, a pergola or a large tree, and it will help reduce the rays which reach your skin and burn it. 

Wear a hat

The idea of covering stunning red hair with a hat is a travesty, but there are some great hats to choose from in the summer time which can make a wonderful addition to your outfit, and more crucially, can protect your head from burning. Red hair, as well as blonde, can often absorb heat and this can cause the scalp to burn. To avoid this, wearing a hat will keep the head protected and happy. A straw summer hat is a timeless choice and can look amazing with a dress. 

Avoid peak times 

During the summer it is important for us to know when the sun is the strongest and when it is more likely to cause real damage. From the hours of 11-2pm, the sun is the strongest and these are the hours where you will want to stay in the shade or indoors to protect your skin. 

Use strong sunscreen 

As a child, your parents most likely used a high SPF such as 50 on your skin to protect you from the sun, but if you are a redhead, this is the SPF you should STILL be using today. Redheads are most sensitive to temperature change and have thinner skin than others, and this can mean a higher risk when it comes to sun damage. Always apply SPF 50 before leaving the house in the morning, and reapply during the day to keep your skin safe.

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