We’ve all heard the fascinating future tech that could be part of new cars of the future. But what is really on the horizon and which concepts will remain in science fiction?

Fatality Proof Vehicles?

Certain vehicle producers have already made a commitment or a pledge to this possibility. Take Volvo for instance. They want to make sure that there are no more fatalities in their cars by 2021. The media has latched onto this and labelled it the first steps towards death-proof cars. Is it really possible? It certainly could be with future developments in design mixed with an increased focus on self-driving tech which we’ll explore a little further down. Whether we see this development by 2021 is a little more debatable. 

Self Parking?

Cars that can do this are already on the market. However, it’s only possible in certain areas and situations right now. What we’ll see in the future is smart cities with integrated tech that helps people park and ensure that they can do this safely. Smart cities plan developments and often will include this type of technology as a standard and are preparing for the next wave of vehicle technology. 

Powerful EVs?

EVs are becoming more popular but they are still fairly limited in the number of miles you can travel without a recharge. Will we see this improve? Well. some developers are closing in on a range of EVs that reach 500 miles. However, it’s the charging points that are going to diminish range anxiety. In the future, we’re going to see thousands of charging points implemented around major urban areas to ensure you always have a place to top up your vehicle. 

True Autonomous Cars

It’s going to take a while before we get truly autonomous vehicles. Now you might be thinking, wait one second, aren’t vehicles already autonomous? Well, there are actually 5 different versions of autonomous tech. Right now, the cars that you can buy on the market are around level 3. Basically, this means that they have certain autonomous abilities in particular areas and situations. As well as this, regardless of where you drive them, you still need to be behind the wheel. With Level 5 tech, you can sit in the back seat and let the vehicle literally drive itself. There’s no car like this on the market just. However, experts predict there will be by 2025. 

Flying Cars?

This last one is a little trickier. Flying cars are coming. Yes, you read that right, the flying car that you always dreamed of is on the way to the market right now. In fact, there are multiple flying cars in development. The only problem is that they’re not really flying cars and you probably won’t own one personally. 

In reality, these vehicles are being produced as flying taxis, similar too but purportedly significantly safer than helicopters. However, you can’t drive these on the road which is why they can’t truly be classed as a flying car. It’s not going to be like the Delorian from Back to the Future: Part 2. Not yet anyway. Flying taxis, however, are essentially mini planes and these are expected to be up in the air and flying through cities within about ten years. Uber will be running tests for theirs own version starting next year.

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