Unfortunately, while businesses are often well meaning, they can often grate on our nerves. Many of us could list a repeated advertisement that annoys us in less than five seconds. Most of us have felt the annoyance of a support call, or a sense of frustration if something was messaged incorrectly. It can be hard for businesses to rectify or prevent these things, because overall, they are ran by a set of governing systems and policies that stop them from being truly reactive and able in every situation.

However, does this mean that businesses can still achieve their goals while neglecting to annoy their customers? We would say that yes, this is absolutely possible. It just takes a little time, and the right inclination to know where the faults are. To that we say that stopping the process of annoying customers, either regular visitors or new potentials alike can be a massive benefit, if only to lessen your global frustrative footprint.

With the following advice, you’re sure to get there:

Customer Support Options

Not everyone wishes to spend ten minutes waiting for a support agent to answer their question. It could be that if you can’t quite stock your customer support department with additional bodies, then opting for alternate routes, such as email support, live chat support or even instant messaging through social media direct message functionalities can be important. On top of that, improve and iterate on what is already there. For example, call center technology can help you implement solutions that are becoming the norm, and helps you take a proactive approach. Having recorded music playing, making a caller aware of where they are in the clue, and a smooth security access procedure can help each support call shine where it might have previously failed.

Stay Consistent In Your Messaging

It’s important to stay consistent in your messaging, even if upgrading your marketing strategy throughout the pre-product or service launch process. Do not advertise anything you plan to commit to, or wish to change later. For example, let us say you offer a website building service plan, filled with templates for customers to use. You advertise this service as costing £15 a month. However, a hidden VAT charge will be there upon launch, making the cost of this more like £21. This can be a problem. If your prices rise soon after the launch, that also shows you are happy to be unreliable if it means you can profit more. Do not do this. Instead, stay consistent in your messaging, and if having to make changes, absolutely transmit why, how and when they will come about, allowing concessions for those grievances. If you do this, you can lessen the impact of a new impromptu direction.

Ask Them For Feedback

While not office hires, feedback from your audience can be just as vital as your marketing and outreach teams. It’s important to know what your audience thinks of your business, how they react to certain treatment or options you have given them. If you listen to them, you might enact solutions. If not, you might not as before, but have an audience that is certain you simply do not care about their experience. That’s never a good thing to foster. We would recommend asking them for feedback semi-regularly to avoid this.

With these tips, we hope you can reduce customer frustration to as close to zero as possible.

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INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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