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Working out how to give up alcohol positively affects every aspect of your life, and that includes the bits that go on behind closed doors, particularly the bedroom doors. One of the greatest myths about alcohol is that it makes you better in bed. The reality couldn’t be further removed from this. Read on to find out more.

Picture the scene; you are out socialising and drinking. You meet someone, and it’s all going great. You are full of confidence, so are they and so it continues. Unfortunately, the picture in the morning is a little different and at least one of you is more than a little disappointed. At this point, you will probably question your judgement, but there is more to it than just alcohol-fuelled bad decisions. Drinking, particularly excessively, actually affects performance in the bedroom negatively. Alcohol makes your reactions slower and your movements clumsier. That means trying to physically please another person gets a lot harder. Not only that, but over time alcohol affects your nerve endings, which means that you lose sensation. So even if the other person is performing acrobatics, you probably aren’t getting the full effect. Now when this happens with someone you don’t have to see again, it is easy to discount and how to stop drinking may never even enter your head. The picture is a little different when you are in a relationship and this little issue happens time and time again. It can become a bone of contention between you that is avoidable if you find out how to give up alcohol sooner rather than later.

What Should You Expect From A Good Stop Drinking Book

How do you tell the difference between a resource that will support you on your stop drinking journey and one that will probably make you turn to the whisky? Read on for a few tips on what to look for. Of course, a book is not going to be sufficient for everyone, and there are other resources available, for example, sober living homes are ideal for those who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. 

When seeking assistance to quit drinking, the first thing to look out for is the amount of emphasis that is put on willpower. While this plays a role, it should not be the focus of the book. The advice inside should instead focus on the need to change your habits and move onto healthier ones. Another thing to look out for is the tone of the book. It is well known that alcohol is not good for you, but when looking for help on how to stop drinking, guilt is very unhelpful. Therefore, if there are pages and pages just on the harm alcohol can do to you and your family, then put down the book very quickly. What you need is something that focuses on the positives, such as on how much better your health and wellbeing will be without alcohol. 

A good resource will also break the not drinking journey down into manageable stages, steps or chunks. It will talk about focus, goals and achievements. In short, it should be a pleasure to read and leave you feeling uplifted, positive and full of determination to succeed. So, where can you find such a book?

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