Civil engineering in itself is slowly progressing to become one of the best career choices for many. With a growth rate of 20% within the job market, more and more people are coming to the understanding of how much we not only rely on civil engineering within our world but just how good a career path it can be too. 

What is Civil Engineering?

The term civil engineering refers to that of professional engineering that is involved in the design, construction and maintenance of builds, both in the public and private sector. Tracing back to nearly 2000BC, which was the construction of the Pyramids, the job has developed enormously since then, and we have a lot to thank civil engineers for. These are the people that have been responsible for building our bridges, roads, canals, and dams as well as airports and even for our water and sewage systems. 

The benefits of becoming a civil engineer 

The reason civil engineering has become such a fantastic career choice in recent years is because of the range of jobs on offer, the exciting and different environments on offer, the salary and not to mention that is also the job can be one of the most rewarding careers out there. 

The range of Jobs 

Deciding to embark on a civil engineering career doesn’t mean you are restricted by what you can do. The job specializes in different areas concerning engineering, including:

  • Structural Engineering 
  • Geotechnical Engineering 
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering

With so many different sections within the industry, you can find exactly what it is you are passionate about, whether this is in structural builds or wanting to help the planet by finding new ways to improve the health of living organisms. The best thing is that it is easy enough to go into a different area if you find a few years down the road you have found a new passion. All the experience will be still have been worth your time. 

Exciting and Different Environments 

Unlike a normal 9-5 office job, with civil engineering, you will find that no two days are the same. You will be dealing with various projects throughout the year and working with multiple teams of people. This is very much a hands-on-job and so is perfect for those that like to have a bit of variety to their working week. 


One of the biggest perks of becoming a civil engineer is the salary. An average salary alone can be up to $83,540, but if you are keen to progress to the top position, you can earn anywhere up to $ 119,924. 

Rewarding Job

You will find that a job such as this can provide you with so much more than just a paycheck at the end of the month, that it can, in fact, be one of the most rewarding jobs you could have. Without civil engineers, the world wouldn’t be what it is today. They are constantly striving to make the quality of other peoples lives better through developing safe and yet modern builds that help people from day to day. 

Not only that but in terms of personal development, you will that through this job, you will expand your skills such as your creative skills, project management, and critical thinking. Building on your personal development can be just as important as building a world for those to live in. 

Steps to take to become a civil engineer

With nearly 30,000 more jobs due to be added over the next decade, this is the perfect opportunity for you to take the first step to onboarding a fantastic career choice in civil engineering. However, in order to become a civil engineer, they are several things that will help you to progress: 

Study a Masters Degree Online 

Thanks to the technology that now exists, it is possible for you to earn a masters degree without the need for taking time off work or cutting down your hours to fit study in. You can now study civil engineering online in your own home at your own pace and in your own time. This way, you can learn advanced design techniques that will help you stand out amongst all the other civil engineers. It is the perfect opportunity to dig deeper and understand the materials that are used for creating the modern world. The more you know about what you are using to build, the safer it can be for all of us, including you.

Get Work Experience 

Studying the art of civil engineering is an important step to take, but this alone might not be enough to secure you a job. You need to have practical experience as well. Many engineering firms offer internships or work experience that can help you get just this. If you work full time, then see if there is weekend work, or talk to your boss about cutting down your hours. This practical experience will help you to realize whether you are in the right specialism and industry. 

Practice your skills 

As there are a number of skills that are required for this job, it is vital that you practice and develop your skills even at home. Key skills such as analytical thinking and a creative mind both need to be of high-quality so you can create and implement new projects. 

Is Civil Engineering right for me? 

Knowing if civil engineering is right for you can be easier once you know all the facts about what is required of the job. If you class yourself as a creative individual but have a keen mind for math and science, then civil engineering is perfect for you. Understanding the benefits of civil engineering and seeing the steps that you should take is an important part to deciding whether to become a part of this growing industry. Just as this article has highlighted, the career is a fantastic choice if you want to see personal development, build an even better future and love having a working week that is different from day to day. 

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