If you have a product to sell, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching orders come flooding in, and your branded items fly off the shelves. Competition is rife across every industry, and it’s critical to be able to stand out from the crowd when vying for attention. If you’re on a mission to boost sales and attract more customers, here are some tips to take your product marketing to the next level.

Analyze previous campaigns

Marketing can be incredibly influential when it comes to increasing sales and raising brand awareness, but it’s not a guaranteed golden ticket. To benefit from marketing, you have to do it right. Analyze previous campaigns, use data, and keep in touch with customers to highlight areas of potential weakness and make improvements. Every campaign you launch should be relevant to your product, your brand, and your target market. If you’re not connecting with your ideal customer, use market research and analytics to pinpoint causes and bridge gaps. Perhaps you’re using channels that aren’t popular with your ideal buyer, or you don’t offer features that would appeal to your target customer, for example. 

Focus on aesthetics

Aesthetics play a major part in drawing crowds to products. This is true both in physical stores and online. Think about shops you have visited, displays that have turned your head in a store or at a trade show, and websites that have compelled you to buy. If you’re selling at a show or you have a store, don’t underestimate the importance of looks. Search for retail shelving units that fit the bill, make sure your products are clearly visible, and create a look that is likely to appeal to your ideal buyer. Match the tone and the theme to the individual product and the target market. If you’re selling a toy for children, for example, you want your display or stall to be bright, bold, and eye-catching. If you’re selling online, make sure your products are presented in the best way possible. Use high-quality images and photographs, consider adding video clips for items of clothing or technical gadgets, and ensure every page of your site looks smart and professional. 

Offer incentives

Often, consumers have a range of choices, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need something extra to make that customer choose your product over another. If you’ve matched the competition for design, reviews, and price, for example, the customer might be looking for something else to separate you. Offering incentives is a great idea to encourage new buyers to try your products and to keep hold of existing customers. You could offer a free water bottle with the purchase of a branded gym bag or a pair of running trainers, for example, or provide a discount code for the next purchase. 

Every year, more than 30,000 new products are launched. Competition is fierce, and investing in innovative sales and marketing techniques is an excellent idea. If you’re looking to draw crowds and increase sales, hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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