Do you want to recognize the efforts of a coworker or student? One of the best ways to honor anyone from a team environment is to reward them with a custom certificate.

Many organizations spend money on more costly products that may or may not be received well. Often times the recipient doesn't appreciate the prize or reward and would rather be recognized officially for their efforts.

A certificate of recognition or achievement goes a long way to let someone know you value their contributions. It also motivates the recipient to keep working hard.

When you want to honor someone for their achievement, consider these tips to design the perfect certificate. 

Choose a Certificate Theme

To create a top-notch certificate, all you need is high-quality card stock and a solid design program. If you don't have one, you can usually get a free trial from most platforms to see if it works for you  We recommend PowerPoint or Adobe for certificates but most word processing applications also feature themes.

Open up the software and choose a theme you like. Think about your organization and the certificate recipient to help you select the right theme. For example, it would be appropriate to recognize an outstanding performer at a financial planning firm with a formal theme design. On the other hand, a top T-ball athlete may receive aa certificate that is more colorful and fun. 

Plan the Essential Information

Before you create your certificate, make a list of all the pertinent information you need to convey. 

Take into consideration what the award is recognizing. Expressing unique qualities the recipient possesses is a great way o make the award more personal and meaningful. It's also a good idea to include your brand information, such as a company or team name along with its logo.

We highly recommend adding the names of immediate and high ranking authorities. For example, if you are honoring an employee, include the names of the immediate supervisor and the senior executive team. This lets the recipient know that their contributions are recognized throughout the organization, even if they don't come into regular contact with some of the top managers.

Complete Your Custom Certificate

After you've chosen your theme, make sure you incorporate the right color. Traditional certificates often use darker colors such as deep brown or maroon. You could also choose the colors of your company or organization.

Certificates can look pretty bland if all the text is in the same font. Break it up by using a few fonts, but not too many or your certificate will look too “busy.”

Include all the information you gather for your list and enter it in the appropriate spaces. The goal is to strike a balance between all the information you include and having a clutter-free, elegant design.

Once you have the design the way you like it, print a test copy to see how it looks on paper. You may need to make minor changes to your design until looks perfect.

Just keep asking yourself: “Would I be proud to receive this certificate?” When you can confidently answer with a resounding “yes,” you know you've hit a home run. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a custom certificate is a cost-effective way to honor someone and show appreciation for their achievements. Using design software is the easiest way to start. You can use the theme as a template and make changes as necessary.

Chances are good your company or library has word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Mac Pages. These programs also offer templates and are a great way to get started. 

If you're looking for inspiration, do a Google search and make note of the features you like in some of the designs.

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