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It’s not hard to see why professionalism is a valuable commodity for business owners. By acting with dignity, everything from brand awareness and productivity should increase. Plus, you know you can trust your employees, and that goes a long way. Still, workers are humans and hate being told what to do while having their workload bumped, so to force them to be more professional isn’t going to work. And, it can’t be too much hassle or else they’ll turn-off straight away.

As the boss, you’ve got to get the balance just right, and here are the tricks of the trade that will help.

Set Deadlines

A deadline is a line in the sand. It tells employees they need to finish their workload by this point or accept the consequences. Usually, it’s a genuine tool employers use to give them a kick up the backside and ensure they maintain their high standards. One thing you should analyze is the severity of the deadlines you impose. If you make them too strict, there will be a backlash due to the added pressure. Make sure you set time restrictions but make them flexible; for example, give them more time for the non-essential stuff.

Give Them A Medal

A medal is a sign they have done an excellent job, so it raises confidence and self-esteem. However, there is another element to a wholesale supplier of work badges: visibility. One of your company policies might include a dress code to give the appearance of professionalism, but it’s inhibiting. People hate having to wear uncomfortable clothes, so much so that output levels can drop. A badge is an easy way to ensure your employees are visible and, therefore, accountable without outdated outfit rules. You get all of the above without having to listen to complaints, too.

Be Honest

Professionalism is about admitting when you are wrong and not making excuses. Of course, the boss leads from the front in this regard. When you set a bad example, they will follow suit and think it’s acceptable to tell lies and bend the truth. By being honest, they will trust that they can do the same without fear of unnecessary repercussions. People are more likely to hold up their hands and say sorry and try and fix their mistakes when there is no yelling or screaming. It’s all about the ethos and atmosphere you create as the leader.

Let Them Blow Off Steam

Bosses need to understand there is more to a career than making money. Employees today want so much more and won’t put everything on the line unless they get it. Workplaces and managers that demand too much encourages their staff to rebel and lash out because there is no outlet, and that’s when professionalism tanks. Traits such as flexible working hours and more breaks are new-school, yet they have their pros. The main is that they encourage workers to maintain their standards by letting them blow off steam.

Remember that the carrot is mightier than the stick.


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