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CBD or cannabidiol is a hot topic right now. For years, scientists did little to investigate the medicinal properties of the compound because of its association with hemp and cannabis. But the more they look into it, the more they discover that it has profound benefits. 

CBD appears to act on previously unknown receptors in the brain, countering a range of what were once thought to be intractable problems. CBD oil products may help people reduce anxiety, deal with chronic pain, and reduce epilepsy. There’s also evidence that it may also help fight the development of cancer in the body.

The range of products now available which contain CBD is enormous. And because it doesn’t hold any of the psychoactive THC which gives cannabis users their “high,” it’s safe. CBD binds with receptors in the central nervous system and brain, alleviating some of the most common maladies of the modern world. 

As the following infographic shows, companies aren’t just targeting CBD to the human market, but the pet market too. Dog owners are increasingly relying on CBD to calm stress and help with compliance. Dogs on CBD seem to do well. 

Vaping and CBD are also being combined in interesting ways. Vaping allows users to take CBD into the body directly through the lungs instead of via sublingual tincture. And skincare manufacturers are looking at ways of including CBD to treat dermal inflammation. 

How much do you know about the different ways to use CBD? Check out the following infographic for a thorough education on the subject.

Science Continues To Support The Benefits Of CBD 1
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