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A question frequently asked by employers is whether letting your staff work from home os a good idea.  Some argue that their team will not work as well in a home environment and that they may take advantage of this newfound freedom. However, research suggests that letting allowing your team to work from home could bring many benefits to your business, so if you are still on the fence, read on!

Save money

Think about all of the money you spend on rent, office supplies, office snacks, utilities and more. With less staff in the office, you would make a significant saving on all of these bills. 

If you are not ready to have an empty office, then you could stagger rotas for your team so that they are in at least one or two days a week. This means you will be able to check on their progress, and they will be able to ask you any questions or raise any concerns.

It is simple

When your team is not right in front of you in the office, it is easy to worry about organizing workloads. However, thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to delegate tasks with workflow management tools such as  Slack. You can easily create assignments, send messages, and even set deadlines for your team.

If you have provided your staff with a company laptop, you won’t have to worry about the struggle of file sharing if you have implemented a cloud-based system. To manage all of the devices that your employees will be working from, investigate in mobile device management. This helps with providing centralized control for users within an organization.

Increased productivity

When you are working in a space that you are comfortable in, you are going to work harder and more productively, and the same concept applies to those who work from home. Not only that, being able to bend schedules around children and other commitments slightly mean that your team will make up hours in their own time too and are more likely to put the extra effort in. 

Happier staff

Being given a chance to work from home shows your team that you trust them to do their jobs. Trust is a huge factor in working relationships, and once it has been given, your staff are more likely to work harder at their jobs – all while being happier at the same time! 

You can hire the best

Hiring staff members can be difficult, especially if you are looking for a specific qualification. Allowing staff to work remotely means you can hire whomever you need, regardless of where they are based.

Positive image for your company

As a business, you are looking for ways to improve your image for your customers, potential investors, and competitors. Allowing remote working shows that you are modern and flexible, which are two very appealing traits.  

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to allowing your staff to work from home, so what are you waiting for? Begin saving money, welcoming higher productivity, and seeing happier staff today.

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