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Email drip campaigns are referred to as a set of marketing emails that are sent automatically to a group of contacts and are triggered by certain actions performed by recipients. The emails that are sent out automatically land in the customers Inboxes in a relevant and timely manner since they are configured to work on autopilot. 

The importance of email drip campaigns in email marketing cannot be overestimated. With regards to the relevant, timely, and targeted nature, these drip emails are more effective compared to bulk emails or any other type of marketing, promotion, and sales.

Email drip campaigns are truly handy and you will surely benefit once you decide to invest in them. Let’s have a glance at what you can do with their help. 

Promote relevant content

You should be aware of your leads and what is more important their needs and interests, preferences and pain points. This will help you when thinking of what and in which way to promote your service. Create as many email campaigns for leads as you can because this way every campaign will be highly targeted and people will get the relevant information they are interested in. 

The emails in the drip chains should contain everything the leads need or might need. Insert the FAQ section in the emails answering the most commonly asked questions to dispel all the doubts the leads might have; share reviews to prove your service is reliable and is worth using; spread a newly published article on your blog via emails, etc. And step by step, move them to purchasing. 

Nurture leads

Leads may fail to buy from you. To not lose a change, keep your eyes open and be always on time. Thanks to the scheduling feature, the emails you send will always be at the right time in the Inboxes. Use email drip campaigns to tell about the service, product or platform in detail, help people understand that your offer is the best one and there’s nothing better in the world.

The email drip campaigns along with nurturing prospects will allow you to create a bonding and share the advantages of your service or product, and make you be able to answer any sort of objections and address the potential questions which were raised by the prospects. 

Brand awareness improvement

You can easily showcase and improve brand awareness by sharing relevant emails. If your promotions or an offer suits the customer’s requirements, then you can succeed without any hassle. Even the happiest customer can share their best experience along with your offers and make a connection for referring your business.

Email drip marketing is of the core importance to your business success that can help you build strong relationships. The potential customers must trust, like, and get to know your product or service through the email chain, then it can increase the chances for other prospects or customers to purchase your product or service.

Clients reengagement 

Most professionals use email drip campaigns to promote their products or services. Though they can also be used to reengage lost clients. You can make use of the automated email drip campaigns that offer various opportunities to connect the contact base. Even in the worst case, a few contacts may never open your emails or they can simply become inactive. The email campaign should be created in the manner of reengaging these contacts. Ask for their needs and what your tool lacks, offer to pass a test, etc.

Best practices

To have the best results, you need to know the best practices of creating drip campaigns and follow them. We’ve taken three tips to support you.

Always use automation tools 

Manual work has never attracted people. The quicker the work can be done, the better it is. So the first thing you need to realize is the use of automation tools. Email drip campaign tools are not the only automation tools to be used. You can also find emails with the help of specific instruments that will save you time and effort. 

Segment your lists

Split the contact list into minor groups and plan email campaigns according to their location, email preferences, interests, or any other parameter. With this filtration, you can deliver the most appropriate and relevant content to the customers. It is much easier to customize personalized content for your leads and customers with the help of email lists segmentation.

Timely manner communication

The key value is the timing communication. If you send emails late at night, people will hardly see them in the morning as there will always be someone who will send emails after you and your emails will get lost in the Inboxes. 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wake up early in the morning to send emails. Utilize the scheduling feature and the emails will be sent automatically at the specified time and on definite days.

Final chords

Email drip campaigns are truly helpful and there’s hardly any professional who will refuse to use automation tools to save time and effort. And you can use such tools for any purpose you need, either when you need to promote some content or reengage customers or nurture leads. 

To become the most successful, you need to follow a few tips:

  • always use email drip campaigns tools and other automation instruments;
  • segment lists of recipients to make every email highly-targeted;
  • always be on time with the scheduling feature.

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