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It’s essential to express yourself, now more than ever. You might see this as a political call to action. You might see it as the final call to stop delaying your article about that film you really love, the one that’s been sat as a draft in your Google Docs for the last three months. It’s very easy and dismissive to say that social media has given too many people a voice, but it’s often when we read a point we disagree with that we use a phrase like that.

At a time when societal divisions and issues are seemingly more tense than ever – it’s essential to express yourself with care and attention. To help people express themselves in healthier ways. For people who might think they hate each other to agree about things, or to at least come to a healthier discussion about the things they disagree on.

This might all sound like fairy-dust aimed at a goal that will never happen. But if we choose to never express ourselves, to let our voices fall silent, how will we ever know?

The World Needs More Diverse Voices

It’s very easy to simply sit on a team at all costs. Sitting on either side of a fence, often leads us to an ‘us vs. them’ mentality. That can be tiring for anyone. It leads to further divisions. It prevents real discourse. The only way to overcome that is for individuals, those with nuanced views in any field, to give their opinion and try to defend their ideas, or put them forward to begin with. The more people do this, the more that teams will be broken up, and the good ideas will rise to the top. Also, the more that individual and diverse voices speak, the more that others can see the power of the individual, and how they might not need to simply dive on a team at all costs. This could be extremely worthwhile in many online spaces.

You Might Have Something To Contribute

Believe it or not – you might have something very worthwhile to contribute. It can be hard to accept this. We might not think we’re anything special. But from aficionado’s of certain hobbies to wordpress hosting for businesses allowing the creation of incredible, well-informed blogs, to those who wish to make informative YouTube commentary, you’ll only know if you have something to share if you go about trying to present your ideas or understanding. You never know just who this might help.

It’s Healthy

Expressing yourself is healthy. It can lead you to learn more about yourself, connect you with others that also value rational discourse, and can lead you to enjoy a certain hobby or interest much more than you might have. Recounting your travel experiences, your time as a lawyer, or whatever you find appropriate and wish to share can be immensely therapeutic, as well as being very interesting for others.

With these tips – you’re sure to express yourself now more than ever.

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