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The new government in the United States whose leader, President Trump has made immigration reformation the utmost aim in his government. His belief of “making America great again” through new immigration policies that will bring reduction to immigration in the United States has taken course with the beginning of the wall construction, the increment in the salaries of border patrol officers, buying of new arms for the border patrol and the increment of the department of homeland security’s power to make sure immigration laws are obeyed. How the new immigration policies will affect immigrants should be discussed because immigrants in the country and other individuals planning to come into the country are curious to know which of the new immigration laws will affect them in 2019. Below are some changes that may affect immigrants in 2019:

Improved deportation procedures – deportation of immigrants in the United States in the past years has reduced drastically due to a lot of reasons. The new government has decided to amend the deportation procedures, and this simple reason leads to increase deportation; thus, immigrants should run away from illegal dealings. It is very important to state the new procedures and causes of deportation in the country. Reasons for deportation include:

  • Crime convictions: The newly enacted immigration laws have created the possibility of deportation of legal immigrants who are convicted due to criminal acts unlike before when such immigrants will be allowed to do their jail time in the country.
  • Abuse of public benefits:  if any immigrant is found abusing a public benefit or using public benefit in the wrong or fraudulent way, there is a probability that such immigrant will be deported.
  • Homeless illegal immigrant: Many illegal immigrants are homeless across the United States, the government, in its course to reduce the rate at which homelessness and illegal immigration is increasing. There are new laws that will make homeless illegal immigrants that are found to be deported to their various countries as such immigrants are considered a burden to the United States.
  • Altercated documents: if any immigrant’s information is found out to be fake, unlike before that such information can be corrected through affidavit, it will lead to the immigrant getting charged of document altercation which if found guilty will be deported.

If you are planning to travel to the United States but your country is not among the visa waiver program, then the question, “do I need an esta to travel? Is not for you. But if your country is among the visa waiver program countries, you will need to know your esta validation date.

Application for Green Card through Marriage – The application for the green card through marriage has been a very easy thing for couples to do over the years as they just need to apply and appear at the interview then they can get the green card. In the year 2018, the introduction of the USCIS interview before getting the green card for couples has made it a difficult thing as the interview makes a lot of couples very nervous.  The normal interviews before the USCIS interview were very simple and easy to pass while the new USCIS interview will scrutinize every detail to check if the couple is truly married. Many people do wonder what the difference between Interview for the green card through marriage and the naturalization through marriage is. The main difference between is that the interview for a green card through marriage will not check if the couple has lived together for three years while the interview for the naturalization through marriage will seriously check if the couple has lived together for three years without separation. 

Naturalization through marriage – Marriage is another way immigrants use to get United States citizenship. Naturalization through marriage is one of the most common ways by which immigrants become citizens of the country. The population of people who get the citizenship of the country through marriage has increased over the years, which have made the government think of amending the law backing citizenship through marriage. The former law is that the couples must be legally married and must have lived in the same house for three years without separation before such immigrant can apply for the naturalization. The former law has notably made a lot of immigrants get citizenship through fraudulent means by getting it through fake marriages. The new law has now made it compulsory for immigrants that want to apply for citizenship through marriage to be interviewed by the USCIS. This is done to confirm the authenticity of the marriage and to confirm if they have truly lived together for three years after which their application for the naturalization will be approved so that all other important steps can be taken before receiving the United States passport. 


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