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Any traffic violation lawyer knows that California, with its miles of freeways and roads, teems with opportunities for all manner of tickets and traffic jams. In fact, personal finance site WalletHub ranks California 47th out of the 50 states for the best places to drive (meaning it isn’t a fun place for drivers). This isn’t a surprise to anyone who spends a decent amount of time in the state. The good news is that some cities in California aren’t too bad to drive in and could even be fun (or at least flexible enough for some workarounds).

The Worst Cities

Say hello to the Stockton-Lodi area. You could be here for a long time! OK, so this is a region, not a city. Still, this area does not make for fun driving, explains www.247wallst.com. The site looked at commutes, car fatalities and car theft rates, among other figures, and named Stockton-Lodi as the worst area in California for drivers.

Meanwhile, WalletHub compiled a list of the best and worst cities in for drivers in the United States. It named these cities as the worst in California:

  • San Francisco (99th out of 100 cities for the best driving experience)
  • Oakland (98th)
  • Los Angeles (92nd)
  • San Jose (88th)
  • San Bernardino (87th)
  • Long Beach (84th)

Whew. It’s time for some good news.

The Best Cities

The WalletHub report singles out these California cities as the best for drivers in the state:

  • Irvine (34th overall in the country)
  • Sacramento (53rd overall)
  • Riverside (54th)
  • Fresno (55th)
  • Chula Vista (61st)
  • Fremont (64th)

Unfortunately, only 20 spots separate Fremont and Long Beach. Traffic in these two areas may not seem all that different. In this vein, a traffic ticket lawyer in Sacramento will tell you that traffic in the city could appear terrible to someone who hails from a low-congestion area of the country. Conversely, Sacramento traffic might seem like smooth sailing to a jaded San Francisco resident.

A Matter of Perspective

The reality is that your traffic experience depends on factors such as how often and where you travel, whether you enjoy driving, the times of the day you drive and how close/how far the people you visit are.

It might seem silly to even consider moving to a city such as Los Angeles that has constant and notorious bad traffic. However, if you manage to live close to work and mostly limit other driving to off-peak hours, then life there could end up being pretty good. The traffic isn’t so congested that people are never able to speed. Any Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney is used to dealing with speeding tickets, so the traffic does occasionally clear up enough for drivers to go at least a few miles above speed limits.

Speaking of ticket attorneys, drivers in all types of California cities may face allegations of speeding, reckless driving, DUI and other traffic issues. If this happens to you, get in touch with an attorney so your rights are protected. Police officers and officers of the court must follow certain steps, and sometimes, they forget.


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