Marketing Ideas – Not A Flyer In Sight

Marketing is a pretty cut and dry business. There is a lot of theory and practice in getting it right. But sometimes, a company will do something so clever – the return of the marketing world is impressed. For example, when a superglue company, glued a car to a crane hook, or Coca-cola deciding when the festive season starts with their giant trucks. 

Marketing is creative people letting loose and thinking up amazing things to do to promote the company that they are working for. Sometimes, they do miss the mark, but that is to be expected – you can’t please everyone all the time, and a poorly timed campaign can get you in a lot of trouble. 

But marketing isn’t all about flyers. There is so much more to it, and if you are willing to experiment, you can get a lot from it. Here are a few interesting options when it comes to marketing.


A short video, of 30 seconds or less can go viral in hours. Of course, the quality will need to be high, and the topic relevant – but it gives you room to bring your ideas to life a bit more. If you are on a budget, many platforms offer great video content without a huge price tag. But often they aren’t as personalised at you might like. If you have some budget to spend this is a pretty good bet. Don’t make it salesy – humour or a ‘did you know?’ hack tends to do well in the current climate. 


This is an interesting one. Depending on the type of business you are in, sometimes there is room for more luxurious marketing. Creating and bottling a scent just for your business to be sent out to other companies, or clients with a high-quality label from Pro-Motion, can bump you up to the most interesting marking they have seen in a while. It is essential that if you do this, your perfume is not tested on animals, and you have the correct certificates to state it. After all, marketing should also show who your company is – as well as what your ethics are. 

Ditch The Dinner

Business lunches and dinners are great – but sometimes they seriously cut into your day (not to mention they are expensive). So, get smart. Make up your own lunch bags and get delivered to the businesses or people you are looking to impress. 

When you do this, you should always be considering that there may be food intolerances, allergies and eating preferences like vegan and vegetarian. 

Think reusable water bottles, snack bars, sandwiches and a sweet treat. You can brand the water bottles if you like. And the bag should make it obvious what is inside – recyclable is best. 

Attach a note with your business card. Get smart with your words, and make room in your diary for an evening dinner. 


It might sound like a heap of rubbish. But good company storytelling brings customers and clients into your world. You are sharing parts of your business in a unique and exciting way. The story can span across your channels, and if the first part is impressive – you can place further content on other platforms. People are curious by nature, so if you have something to say, make it exciting and enjoyable. 
You can also opt to take your story to the stage by giving talks and sessions, using your vocal cords in your marketing plan – is something you don’t often see.

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