Making Your Business Premises As Safe As Possible

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Have you ever asked yourself how safe your business is? Well, if you haven’t, it may just be time to do so. After all, it is likely that you not only have items of physical value located there but that the heart of your operation and all the information that goes with it are on site as well. To that end, ensuring your business is as safe as possible is a crucial task for any owner to perform. Read on to find out more. 


Obvious as this may seem, the doors of your business need to be as secure as possible, especially during the off hours when there is no one around. Of course, that means you need not only sturdy looking doors but ones that lock and are alarmed successfully as well. In fact, by having such measures, you can often discourage any opportunist criminals from attempting to break in. 

You may even wish to install additional safety measures at your entrances and exits such as swipe card security readers. These will then not only ensure no one without authorised access can enter, but also help you keep a record of exactly who was in the building at what time. Something that can be particularly useful if items go missing during working hours or you run a business that doesn’t keep a traditional 9-5 working schedule.  


Windows are another area that businesses need to be as secure as possible. Of course, traditional office windows aren’t too much of a bother, because they can have locks installed on them an even be hooked up to alarm systems. 

Display and shop front window, on the other hand, can be a more complicated matter, The reason being that not only do you want them to be safe when your business is closed, but they must serve the dual function of allowing customers to see your wears and be enticed to buy them during the day. 

Luckily, there are some solutions that will allow this and can also increase the security of any display windows. One is to use Security Glass Film over the windows which stop them shattering in the event of a break-in. Something that prevents any unauthorised entry.

Additionally, many shop windows also use metal shutters as another layer of security. The reason being they can be rolled down after trading hours, allowing window displays to stay intact while also preventing break-ins.  

Lastly, when it comes to securing your business, using CCTV is an excellent idea. In fact, once again, just the presence of CCTV camera will do much to discourage any but the most adamant criminal from taking a risk by breaking into your business’s properly.

Of course the key to using CCTV for security purposes in to position them correctly. Outside this means facing any entrances that are vulnerable to misuse. Inside, however, it may be better to have your CCTV cameras cover areas where cash, valuable products, or critical information is kept. 

The good news here is that CCTV cameras are not only now very reasonable price but also of high quality. Something that means they are a most sensible addition to any business’s security provision. 

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