5 Reasons You May Be Getting Headaches

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Throbbing pain in your head is no fun.  For some people, their headaches are so bad that they may get dizzy to the point of nausea.  While there may be a variety of reasons why you may be personally suffering from headaches, there are some reasons which are more likely than others.

Here are some of the most common reasons for why you may be suffering from headaches regularly.

Sinus Issues

Some people’s headaches stem from a sinus issue.  If your headaches seem to be centered in your sinus area and are accompanied by congestion or sneezing, you may have a sinus issue.  

For some, a quick fix may be allergy medication or sinus headache medication, while other people need to resort to surgery


A stressful lifestyle can play a big role in your overall health.  When you’re stressed out, your muscles tense, often resulting in a headache.  If you’re someone that regularly suffers from tension headaches, take a good look at what kind of stress you’re under.  

Consider trying stress coping techniques to help you stay calm during tough situations.  You may not only find that your headaches diminish, but also your mental health.

Caffeine Withdrawal

Although a lot of people depend on caffeine to get them through their busy work days, too much can be a bad thing.  When your body becomes accustomed to drinking a certain amount of caffeine every day, you will become addicted.

In the absence of caffeine, you may suffer blinding headaches, which won’t stop until you have a cup of coffee.  If you start to find yourself withdrawing from coffee, it’s a good idea to start slowly pulling back on your consumption.   Most doctors advise against exceeding two cups of coffee a day. 

Lack Of Sleep

A poor sleep schedule can start to take its toll on your well-being.  When your circadian rhythm is thrown off, you may find that it triggers headaches. In order to avoid headaches, you should ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to achieve if your schedule is busier than usual, or your stay out late for an event.  However, it’s ideal that you get at least five nights of good sleep a night if possible. 


If you’ve ever found yourself with a pounding head after a night of drinking, then you know what it feels like to be dehydrated. When your body is stripped of enough hydration, then it will react with several symptoms, including a headache. 

Dehydration is also a risk in high temperatures or when doing exercise.  Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to decrease your chances of getting hit with a headache.

5 Reasons You May Be Getting Headaches 3
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5 Reasons You May Be Getting Headaches 5

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