If you are running a manufacturing company, or a plant that relies on natural and other resources, you might not have the most popular business model out there. In fact, you will have to work harder than other business owners to maintain your reputation and engage with communities. There are certain challenges related to running a manufacturing business that other companies don’t face. Find out more about them below.

Price Fluctuation

The price of natural resources and raw materials changes based on the trends of the world economy. You have to ensure that you are able to deal with the risks and maintain your healthy profit margin, so you can pay your staff and your bills, and manage your finances better. You might want to talk to a specialist company offering Oil and Gas procurement and Logistics services that will take care of the sourcing and the price and cost analysis, making sure that your profits are protected.

Cash Flow

The bigger the projects you take ion are, the greater challenge cash flow will pose on your business. You will have to find a financial advisor and management firm that will help you secure a line of credit and negotiate your contracts, so you can finance large projects, pay your suppliers and your employees, as well as for other services related to the project.


Health and safety plays an important role on the manufacturing industry. You will have to train every employee, or make sure that the contractors you are using are properly trained and can keep you and your plant safe. Using an external firm to evaluate your current policies and checklists would be a good idea, and make sure that you put a risk management plan in place, just in case.


Compliance issues are not only relevant to health and safety, but other standards as well. It is crucial that you have a team working on compliance and legal contracts, checks your policies, and makes amendments. The legal requirements change regularly in most industries, and if you find out that you are non  compliant too late, you will face hefty fines or even have to close your business.

Environmental Regulations

Dealing with the Challenges of Working In a Resource Heavy Industry 1

Today, customers expect more from businesses than ever before, and the competition is huge out there. You have to look after your reputation, so it can look after you. Complying with the environmental regulations is only the first step. You will also have to show that you are doing everything you can to improve your company’s performance, reduce waste and resource use, and your overall carbon footprint. Voluntary schemes will take you one step ahead of your competitors and can help you win big tenders.

Business owners in resource heavy industries face more challenges than those operating in other areas. You have to understand the unique risks and deal with them before they cause you problems and damage your reputation. Optimize your compliance monitoring and supply chain, and your business can remain competitive.

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INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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