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If you’ve just started a business, you’ve got to keep your eye on quite a few things. You’ve got to make sure your products are up to scratch, you’ve got to make sure your employees get to work on time, and you’ve got to be sure your company has a clear way of doing things.

Your startup needs to have a good structure to it – one that flows sensibly and has a lot of flexibility at its core. After all, this period in your business life is one of change and expansion, so you’re going to need a company on your hands that’s just as adaptable as you are!

So here’s just a couple of ways you might be able to initiate a new structure into the foundation of your company. Everyone on the planet likes to have some kind of routine to your life, so everyone involved in your business will quickly warm to a stronger schedule.

Start the Day Later

This might sound like the opposite of what you need to do to implement a good working structure, but it makes a lot more sense than forcing all of your employees into the office first thing in the morning. Your employees have lives outside of your company, and it’s hard to manage all of these responsibilities at once – getting the kids to school, or feeling unwell in the morning, are amongst the leading causes of absenteeism.

If your business opens its doors at 9 in the morning, usually you’d ask an opening employee to come in at least an hour earlier. If you only have an office to run, you’re going to want everyone at their desks no later than half past 9. But having such a strict schedule can work against you – it can tally up tardiness points without any real need to, and is rather unfair on everyone involved.

Even starting just an hour later can fix this. Opening doors at 10 means employees have another hour in the morning to cope with the ‘rush hour’, and gives office employees plenty of time to get to their desks before the clock ticks over. And that means more people will show up to work, on time, and ready to take on the day.

Focus on Your IT Capability

Next up is your IT needs, and how you can start to support them. After all, you’re going to be using at least one computer on a daily basis within your business, and these things can break down or crash at any and all opportunities.

Which is why a company like CyBerJaz might be of use to your new business structure. Less down time in the digital department, and better output from anyone sitting behind a computer screen. No one has to worry about a blue screen, or accidentally ripping out a wire, because there’s an expert on hand.

Your startup has a long way to go, so it’s important you prioritise the development of a good foundation now!


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