A Comprehensive Guide to Embarking on a Dramatic Career Change

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If you feel disconnected from your chosen industry and struggle to pull yourself out of bed each morning to go to work, you might be regretting the career choice you have made and long for a new occupation.

While it might seem easier said than done, it is possible to abandon your existing occupation and move onto a more rewarding role in an industry that best complements your personality.

To get started, here is a comprehensive guide to embarking on a dramatic career change.

Say Goodbye to Preconceptions

The job market is constantly evolving, with companies introducing new roles to suit people from various industries. Rather than believing you will need additional training to enter a field, you should browse various job specifications, as they could be applicable to your transferable skills. 

While there are, of course, some jobs that will require specific experience and qualifications, there are other occupations that could be applicable to a wide variety of talent. In fact, a potential employer might be more than happy to provide training to help you excel in a role.

Be Honest with Yourself

If you weren’t born with a career ambition, you might have settled for a job because it offered a secure salary or seemed like an interesting role. If, however, you have grown tired of the occupation, you must identify the aspects of your job you don’t like and be honest with yourself regarding the type of career you would enjoy. 

For example, you may need to select a career that better suits your lifestyle, which will provide greater career satisfaction. Rather than building an identity around your current position, find a role that matches your wants and needs. For example, if you have a passion for exercise, you could enjoy a more rewarding career as a personal trainer or yoga teacher.

Work Towards Your Career

Once you have identified the type of role to suit your needs, you may need to gain experience or qualifications in your chosen field. For example, if you already possess a bachelor’s degree and want to embark on a career that provides great job satisfaction, you could gain a special education certification online, which could help you to work with children with special needs. 

There is No Time Like the Present to Get Started

Stop telling yourself you don’t have the time to work your way towards your goal. Even if your university course or new job is a matter of months away, there is nothing stopping you from picking up a textbook and gaining in-depth knowledge on a subject. Improving your knowledge could impress a potential boss or support your education.

Understand It’s Never Too Late

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be young, financially secure, and childless to change your occupation. You also don’t need to be in your twenties to gain a degree, and it is possible to switch careers if you are raising a family or are living on a small budget. If you are willing to work hard each day, there is no reason why you cannot transition to a new career in a completely different industry.

Have Patience

While you might want to immediately jump into a new position and reinvent yourself, you must have some patience. It is often more realistic to gradually work your way to a new career. You may need to learn new skills over time or study for a course during an evening or over weekends. 

You also may need to work your way up the career ladder to secure your ideal job; for example, if you aspire to become a retail manager, you might need to gradually build up your experience as a cashier, supervisor and then assistant manager before your dream position becomes a reality.

Dip Your Toe into an Industry

If you are unsure whether an industry is right for you, but you don’t want to leave your full- or part-time role until you are sure, it might be a wise idea to pick up a side gig first. By dipping your toe into an industry, you can identify whether it is a good fit for your needs. 

For example, you could embark on an internship each weekend, gain work as a freelancer online, or volunteer in your desired field. By gaining some experience in an industry, you could avoid making a big mistake – or it could convince you to work your way towards a new career.

Make Your Own Opportunities

Many people make the mistake of waiting for their chosen career to fall onto their lap, which could result in them remaining in a job they hate for many years. If you have a hunch that there is a better career out there for you, you must pursue it. So, enroll on a course, network with potential employers or improve your existing skill set.

Speak Directly to an Employer on Your Resume

Employers want to find candidates who closely match their job specification. While they don’t expect you to be the perfect fit, they do want to hire a professional who can slot easily into a role. If your resume features complex language or doesn’t relate to a specification, they will move onto the next potential candidate. 

To ensure your resume stands out from the crowd, you must speak directly to a prospective employer, which could convince them to invite you for an interview.

Plus, you must ensure your resume is:

You could even make your resume stand out from the crowd of applicants by hiring the services of an experienced graphic designer.

Take the Plunge

While you might understand the steps you need to take to change your occupation, fear could be holding you back. While there are always a million and one reasons why you shouldn’t do something, you shouldn’t allow the fear of the unknown to hold you back from achieving your goals. If you do, you will always wonder “what if?” So, take the plunge to avoid a lifetime of regret.

Believe in Yourself and Your Skills

Once you have decided to take the plunge, you must believe in yourself. It can be easy to convince yourself that you don’t belong on a course or in an industry, but every successful professional in the role will have experienced the same doubts as you at some point.

Rather than telling yourself you don’t belong or you cannot complete a task, have faith in your ability and talent, which could support your education or performance. Plus, if you believe in yourself, others will start to believe in you too.

A Comprehensive Guide to Embarking on a Dramatic Career Change 1

Thoroughly Research a Prospective Employer

Employers want to hire a candidate who expresses passion and interest in their business. For this reason, they will more than likely test your knowledge on their brand, products, and services during an interview. If you fail to do your homework, it will prove to an employer that you don’t care about the position or the business. 

It is, therefore, essential to thoroughly research a business prior to a telephone or face-to-face interview, which should be up-to-date. If you express a wide knowledge of their organization, they’ll understand you care about securing a role, which could encourage them to hire you over another candidate.

Own Your Past Professional Experience

Many professionals are often eager to hide their career past, especially when embarking on a dramatic career change. However, instead of apologizing or covering up your past occupations to-date, you should own your experience. It could set you apart from the many candidates vying for the role, as you could offer many transferable skills that can help the company to flourish and grow.

Don’t Give Up

It can be disheartening when you receive a rejection email for a role you had your heart set on. Rather than throwing in the towel and resigning yourself to a life in a job you hate, you must persevere. If you apply for one-hundred jobs, it is likely you will receive a response from at least one company that might recognize your potential. 

Don’t Chase Money

While everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, there is much more to life than money. While a job might offer an exceptional salary, it might also come with long working hours and a poor work-life balance, which can drain you of all happiness. Instead, find a rewarding career that complements your needs and personality, and a superb salary will be a bonus.


It’s never too late to transition to a brand-new role and industry. If you believe in yourself, are willing to work hard and aren’t afraid of hard work, nothing or no-one could stand in the way of you obtaining your sought-after career – regardless of whether you are in your twenties or sixties. As a result, you could embark on a position in an industry that matches your personality and lifestyle.

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