Science and engineering is one of the best industries for career opportunities right now and people that have degrees in that area are very in demand. That’s why it’s a good idea to try to get your child interested in science from a young age. That doesn’t mean that you should push them into that career if that’s not what they want to do but it will help them out in school anyway if they have a good understanding of it.

The only problem is, a lot of kids find it boring because it isn’t always taught in the most exciting way in schools. Even though science can be so interesting and there are so many cool things to learn, it can be hard to get your kids interested in it. If your kids switch off every time you mention science, here are a few things that you can try to get them more engaged in it.

Science Museums

When they’re sitting in a classroom looking at a boring textbook about science, it’s hard for your kids to grasp the reality of it and it just seems very dull to them. But if they can get a bit more hands on with it, they’ll be more likely to find it fun and interesting. If you take them to science museums, they’ll be able to see loads of great hands on exhibitions where they can see the concepts that they’ve learned about at school brought to life. This more practical experience will make it easier for them to understand and it’s also a lot more fun for them than just sitting in a classroom.

Science museums are also great for teaching kids about the history of science and the impact that it has had over the years. Often, kids aren’t that bothered about learning science because they don’t see what the point is or why it’s important. But if you can teach them a bit about the history of science and help them to understand that all of the modern technology that they take for granted is the result of thousands of years of research, they will be more interested in learning about it.

Experiments At Home

Doing your own science experiments at home is one of the best ways to show your kids how interesting it can be. You don’t need a fully kitted out lab to do some great science experiments either, there are some brilliant ones that you can easily do at home with normal household items. They’re not the most advanced experiments but it’s a good way to show them basic concepts with real world examples and have some fun while you’re doing it. It’s a great alternative to sitting in front of screens all day when the weather is bad outside.


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There are so many great apps that you can download to help your kids learn more about science and spark a bit more of an interest by making it fun. The Mad Science Kids Club is a great science based social network for kids that has loads of great science games, information on experiments that you can do at home, and even a panel of experts that can answer any science questions that they might have. They’ll also be able to share information and questions with one another so their education is a lot more cooperative and interactive, rather than just sitting in a classroom.

There are plenty more great apps that you can download which will make science fun and interesting for your kids. This is ideal if you’re worried about the amount of time that your kids spend on their phone because you can at least be sure that they’re doing something productive with their time. Toca Lab is a great interactive game where your child can experiment in a digital lab and explore lots of different chemicals. The NASA app is great as well for kids that are interested in the solar system, it has so many great pictures and videos as well as simulations and educational resources too.

Do A Quiz

If you can make learning into a bit of a game and introduce some healthy competition between the kids, you can encourage them to engage with it a lot more. Doing a science quiz is a great way to do that. There are plenty of sites online where you can find a list of science trivia questions to use as the basis for the quiz. Give the kids each half an hour to read through their books and search on their apps and then have a quiz to see who has learned the most about science. It will encourage them to keep furthering their knowledge so they can score higher next time you do the quiz.

Watch Movies

This is one that people don’t always think of but it can actually be quite effective. A lot of science fiction movies aren’t very accurate at all but there are some where the writers put a lot of time and effort into making sure that everything was true to life. The Martian is a great example of this, although it’s only suitable for older kids. If you can find science fiction movies that accurately explain certain scientific concepts, it's a good way to educate and entertain the kids at the same time. You could even watch science fiction movies that get it completely wrong and then challenge the kids to tell you what it was that made it so inaccurate.

Get Outdoors

6 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In Science 2

Getting out into nature is a great opportunity to talk about science with your kids. While you’re exploring and looking at all of the different wildlife, you can teach them about different ecosystems, how plants photosynthesize, and even climate change. Being able to see science in action in the natural world is a great way to get them interested in it.

Getting kids to engage with science can be tough but these are all great ways to show them that it’s not all boring.

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