When you start up a store, retail business or even a restaurant, one of the best ways to ensure its success is to focus on foot traffic. A surprising percentage of customers that visit a store will do so unintentionally. They’ll typically be walking around the area and will stumble upon your store and decide to visit it. Their only knowledge of your store will be based on its outside appearance, hence why it’s vital to focus on store foot traffic and bringing in customers from outside.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about how you can make your store more successful. Whether it’s a coffee shop, restaurant, clothes store or even a computer components shop, these tips are universal.

Focus on creating a fantastic window display

You’ve likely already got a window that shows the inside of your store, but you also need a window display to show off some of your best products in the best possible way. This is why many food stores have displays near the window that shows cakes, drinks and other items they can purchase in store. It’s also why clothes stores have mannequins that are dressed in clothes that can be found in your store. If you create a fantastic window display, then it’ll have a much easier time drawing in foot traffic.

Tidy up the outside of your store

If your store has access to a front yard or additional space around it that can be used for decorations, then you may want to look for commercial landscaping companies that can help you make it look absolutely stunning. If you don’t have much space, then the least you can do is keep your windows clean and ensure that the pavement, path or carpets leading up to your store are in good condition.

In low visibility areas, make use of signs

Signs are a great way to get more people to notice your store especially if it’s in an enclosed or low-visibility area. The types of sign you can use will greatly depend on the options available to you. For instance, if you can’t use a tall sign then a portable sign placed outside your store will be the best option. However, if you’re near a parking lot that you can use for advertising purposes, then hanging a sign on a lamp post or raising a banner could be a great way to increase your visibility and tell people that your store is close by.

Don’t resort to desperate measures

Hiring someone to hold up a sign is probably the worst thing you can do. Making huge red arrows point towards your store is also bad because it seems like a desperate way to get people to notice your business. Make sure you’re not resorting to any kind of desperate attempts to attract customers because it’s going to do the exact opposite. Slapping “sale” on everything can get some people to visit your store, but it’s tacky and not a great idea if you want to grow your business.

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