Secrets Of The Uber Productive

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There’s probably somebody in your life who you consider to be ‘uber productive’. These people always seem to get their stuff done no matter what, leaving others in the dust. The worst part? They do it with a smile on their faces! Being like these people can be tough, especially if you’re not in the right frame of mind as of yet. However, working on yourself and changing your habits could help you to become the uber productive person that you wish you were.

Below, you’ll find just some of the secrets of the uber productive that will help you to become like them.

  1. They Don’t Multitask

Uber productive people never multi task. They know what needs to be done for the day, and more often than not they will start the day with the hardest task to get it out of the way. After this, everything seems easy breezy! Prioritizing is key. Any smaller tasks you get done once you have done the most important tasks are a bonus.

2. They Work Out

Most productive people work out. They either work out in the morning to improve blood flow to the brain and become more focused and creative, or they work out mid-morning/afternoon, to take a break from working and come back to their work with a clear head and new found concentration. When you work out depends entirely on your preferences.

Staying active during the day is key, even if you don’t head to the gym. Getting up and taking a walk every so often could help you to get rid of some of that stuck energy and finally complete a task you’ve been working on.

3. They Are Self Aware

Productive people know when they are most productive and when they need some downtime. This helps them to avoid procrastination. For example, if you’re most productive first thing in the morning, why would you want to wait until later to do your hardest tasks? Getting them out of the way means you can relax later on. Not everybody functions the same, so knowing yourself and how you like to work inside and out is the key.

4. They Schedule Breaks

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at work or home, scheduling breaks is still important. It’s very rare for a productive person to just keep on pushing through without a break. Doing this can water down the quality of work being done, cause stress, and have many other drawbacks. To stay focused and clear headed, breaks are a must.

Usually, taking smaller breaks more often is better than taking one or two longer breaks after hours of work. For instance, working for 30 minutes non-stop and then taking a 10 minute break and repeating for as often as you need to will likely help you to get more done than working for 3 hours and taking a 1 hour break. A break that is too long can make it difficult to get back into work, and let’s face it, it’s rare you’re going to work non-stop for 3 whole hours anyway!

5. They Use Tools and Equipment To Help Them Get Stuff Done

It’s unlikely that an uber productive person does everything alone. Most of the time, they use tools and equipment to help them get stuff done. There are plenty of apps and pieces of software that can automate certain tasks and make your life easier. Do your research so you can figure out what’s right for you and the kind of work you’re doing.

6. They Are Present In Everything They Do

Staying present in everything you do can be tough, especially if you’re not the biggest fan of the work you’re doing. However, this will improve the quality of work and it’ll feel like you’re getting things done so much faster. Simply accept that this is something you must do and get it done. Starting is often the most difficult thing. This way of thinking helps productive people to avoid distractions and stop the urge to use social media and other sites.

7. They Avoid Distractions First Thing

Start the day as you mean to go on. Avoid distractions by staying away from your mobile phone, social media, and your emails. These things can seriously clutter up your brain and stop you from being productive. They aren’t going anywhere – you can look at them later. Of course you should get rid of adware if you need to, but avoid all other distractions that come your way.  

8. They Focus On Getting Enough Sleep

Getting plenty of sleep is always a priority for the uber productive. Sometimes, they’ll even take a nap of around 20 minutes in the afternoon to get that productivity back. Try it!

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