Manufacturing is messy so hey, live with it, right? That’s the kind of thinking that can lead to needless losses. You’re not really worried about a small loss here and there when you first open the doors to your manufacturing facility because you just want everything to work. Then after a few weeks when you have established yourself and made good to your business or to a client, you can begin to think where you can improve. Well, first off is the cleanliness of the plant. Yes, this might seem trivial but there are a number of advantages you gain over a dirty facility. For one thing it's a much nicer place for your employees to work. There will be fewer scares with employees getting hurt after tripping over things that shouldn’t be in their way. The other is that you have much more productivity because there’s simply far less clutter to confuse and disorientate your workers.

Cleanliness improves speed

Think about your workers for a second and how they operate during the day. They need to access lots of different parts, tools and paperwork to see what they’re doing. They can make great progress when nothing is in their way. But if there is lots of litter everywhere then they cannot remain organized for long. Eventually their workstations will become cluttered and a complete mess so much so that they spend time looking for things they need to do their job. Needless to say this is bad for business. So keeping things organized and having places where they can put their junk is vital. Give them boxes or trash cans that are able to accept different materials such as waste metal shavings, wood shavings, broken pieces and defective products. It reduces the errors your employees will make and increases their quickness in moving onto to different stages of production.

Recycle and recoup

Manufacturing is an expensive industry to be in. You spend money on materials, tools, machines, employees, repairs and so much more. It's not easy to keep costs in check and even more difficult to recoup the losses that you do make. One area you can though is the packaging and parcel stage of any production line. Cardboard boxes and foam filler are often the last pieces of material to any despatch department. Installing horizontal balers next to the loading stations is a brilliant way to recover these materials and compress them to the point they can be shipped off in cubes to the recycling factory. Your business can set up a deal with the box supply company whereby you can resell them their own materials to make you new boxes. Everyone saves money all the way round. On the other hand it just moves a lot of waste out of the way, so your employees can focus on their roles.

A manufacturing facility is more productive when it's cleaner. There are far fewer errors from employees but you can also stand to save a lot of money from the waste recycling opportunities you have.

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