No matter if you play games for work, to take a break from your day, or to socialize, there are several things you should take into consideration when it comes to safety. You can pick up things from games that will attack your operating system, disclose your personal information, and as a result be bombarded by advertising all the time. There are several risks associated with participating in gaming, and you need to be aware of them if you would like to stay safe. Below you will find a few to consider next time you hit the play button.

Secure Your Computer

Before you would install a large game that will use a lot of power and graphic memory, you will need to ensure that your files are secure. While it is recommended to use a different laptop of gaming console for work and gaming, this is not always possible. That is why you should opt for either iCloud, Google Drive, or another cloud backup service, so you can ensure that your gaming habit will not cost you your business or months of work.  

Allowing Access

Before you launch a game, you will also have to find a way to select what apps, devices, and tools you give the software access to. If you are not playing a virtual reality game, or a role play, you will need to turn off the access to your camera. There are several great tools that will allow you to take on the role of a character, even a football player. As an example, you can try sports team air charter if you like football or other team sport games.  

Improving Your Skills

There are several ways you can learn the tricks of an online game without spending money. There are great game analysis software out there that will allow you to look back on your decisions, check and improve your strategy, and become better at different aspects of the game. Before you part with your money and spend it on boosters, you will have to find a way to naturally improve your gaming skills – Something you will want to do, especially if you’re on the MOBA esports scene.


You will be tempted to upgrade your account and get ahead of your friends when it comes to gaming, but you will have to think twice. Unless you have some strong skills, boosters and upgrades will not benefit you. It might be better to carry on playing as a free member for a while, figuring out what you can use different tools and upgrades for, and seeing other people use them. This will allow you to spend money wiser and make the most out of your upgrades later on.

Secure Payment

Before you buy an upgrade, a kit, or a character, you will need to ensure that the site or software offers a secure payment option. If you have to complete the transaction on your regular computer and use a secure site, make the effort. A secure payment is a must, if you don’t want to risk becoming a victim of online fraud. Using a PayPal account for gaming might be a good way of making sure you get your money back if the service is not delivered.

Sharing Accounts

No matter how much easier it is to share a player account with your friends or kids, it is not a good option. First of all, your statistics will be combined. Secondly, they might log in from another location, order things, and you will end up paying. Third, you will need to ensure that your account is not being used on public networks where it can be vulnerable to fraud, malware and cyber attacks initiated by hackers.


If you have kids who love games, and they use their mobile devices to play with friends, as young children do, you will need to ensure that their location is turned off. There are plenty of threats that exist online, and kids are extremely vulnerable, as they don’t have the skills to spot them. You should go through their phone regularly and check whether their location is turned on for the games. Just like with Snapchat, with many games you can turn it off for privacy.

Accidental Purchases

Have you ever bought an upgrade accidentally? You just wanted to click the next button, and there you were on the payment confirmation page? If it has happened before, chances are that you have learned your lesson. No matter how excited you are about starting the next level, you will need to be vigilant. Game designers know exactly how to trick you, so you need to try and be smarter than them.

Social Connections

It is important that you pay attention to your social media activity and ensure that trolls and hackers don’t get access to your account. Yes, it is easy to log in through your Facebook page, but is it really safe to do so? Before you click the next button, you should check what type of permissions you are giving the game, and read the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy. If they are asking you to grant access to third party advertisers, it might be time to reconsider creating an account.


You might think that a game is free to play, and there are some very limited features you can use for free. Often times, however, this is a trick. Simply put, a freemium game is asking for money to use some of the premium features. There is nothing wrong with this business model, but it might not be the most cost effective option if you are a keen player. You might as well get the premium version for a one-off fee and regular updates, and save yourself a couple of dollars.

Gaming can help you take a step back from your busy routine, chill, unwind, and socialize. It is not without danger, though. Consider the above safety tips to enjoy the fun without having to worry about fraud and unexpected costs.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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