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They say that the best form of defense is attack, and this is proactive approach is undoubtedly valuable when it comes to your business. In fact, being proactive and dealing with things before they become a catastrophic issue can not only save you money, effort, and time but also preserve your business reputation as well. Read on for more information on this topic below.

Proactive IT network

How much downtown does your business experience because employees can’t use your network or access the system they need to be able to work? At least some for sure, and in companies where this is a significant issue, it can be a considerable amount.

Of course, the key here is to make sure that you use an IT management system that is proactive. That is one that looks for smaller issues and irregularities and reports them so they can be dealt with immediately. Something that can prevent problems escalating to a crisis point and so keep your business problem free and proactive.

Proactive security

The physical security measures that you implement in your business are one of the most prominent areas that require a proactive attitude.

After all, it is not wise to wait for a break in to happen before you put locks on the doors and windows, or install an alarm system. In fact, you could be heading for disaster if you do.  

Proactive data protection

What with so many businesses have a large part of their operation online, and the increase in stringency in data protection laws, you really can’t afford a breach.

Of course, if you employ proactive data protection methods, you should be able to avoid one, thus protecting your business’s reputation, revenue, and that bond of trust with your customers.

One way of being proactive about data protection is to ensure that your system only grants access to sensitive information to a restricted number of persons.

You could even get an independent SOC 2 Auditor in to examine your system for any potential weaknesses. Something that can help you to refine your security measures where they need it, and so ensure that you are not only legally compliment, but take the privacy of your customers as seriously as possible too.

Proactive recruitment

Without the right employees, your business would not be able to run. However, the issue that many companies face regularly is when workers choose to leave and create a vacuum that needs to be filled.

Of course, the longer it takes for a new person to be found, interviewed, OKed, and brought up to speed, the more hold up in productivity will occur. This being something that can negatively affect quality, revenue, and the morale of other workers.

To that end, it’s essential to employ a productive system of recruitment. This means keeping a log of all suitable candidate even when they don’t get the initial post they are applying for.

Then as soon as a new post becomes free, they can be contacted, and you know they will have been vetted and sorted listed already. Something that can significantly reduce the time needed to get a new person fully onboard and up to speed and allows your business to benefit from proactivity.


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