The heart of a successful business rests with its employees. If your employees are happy, feel valued and appreciated, then they’re more likely to produce the great results that your business needs to survive. One way you can help develop a productive and happy workforce is to create the perfect office environment. The right office culture and work/life balance can mean more to employees than a salary or benefits, so think of ways you can make your company an excellent place to work.

What makes a great office? Read on to find out how to transform yours.


Location can mean everything to your employees, and many job hunters will base their decisions around the location of a business. It should be easily commutable (parking is a bonus) and it should be near enough to other amenities such as shops and food places to provide convenience to your employees. When searching for an ideal office property, make sure you consider the location carefully – it could matter more than you think.


Whether you’re launching a startup or planning some major changes for your business, you’ve got a great opportunity to think about the types of facilities that are on offer to your employees. Consider facilities such as free tea/coffee making areas, chill out areas and on-site gyms as a way to boost staff morale and retain them. Check out some of the world’s coolest offices for inspiration and start improving your office space.  


The atmosphere of your workplace can affect productivity, mood and even staff loyalty. Creating an open and relaxed environment can be a fantastic way to show staff that you have their best interests at heart and makes your company an amazing place to work. You can arrange a regular program of social events, as well as ensure people have the space to collaborate and work together as a way to bring your workforce together and drive results. Remember to consider the health and wellbeing of your employees too, as this can show them you really care for them as individuals and not just the value they bring to your business.


Communication is an important factor in creating a thriving business. If your employees are kept in the loop about what’s going on, as well as feeling like they can share their own ideas and feedback, you stand a good chance of creating a trusted and respected workplace. There are multiple ways you can improve workplace communication to help you build the right office atmosphere.

Developing the right environment for your business can help you to nurture your teams and make sure that everyone feels comfortable and happy at work. A great working atmosphere and a social office can improve productivity and efficiency, helping your business to do great work while also helping your employees feel that they contribute positively to the aims of the business. Look at ways you can help transform your business by creating a fantastic office that people love coming to work, even on a Monday!

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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