AXE® Launches AXE Gaming Contest, Partnership with FaZe Cizzorz

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AXE believes there’s no one way to be attractive, and this year the brand is bringing that notion to life through the Find Your Magic Tour with the mission to help teens find their magic within their passions. To accomplish this, AXE is giving guys the tools and platforms they need to stay chill, showing them that they can be their most attractive selves while pursuing what they love.

To help guys confidently connect with their passions, the brand is launching the AXE Gaming Contest, which is designed to highlight up-and-coming players who show off their creativity. AXE knows that guys are passionate about gaming and streaming online, but they often struggle to find an audience. That’s why AXE has teamed up with Influencer, Gamer, and FaZe Clan Member, Cizzorz, to help elevate an undiscovered streamer with a new fanbase of subscribers.

“When I get into the zone while gaming or building my Deathruns, that’s when I’m my most confident, creative self,” says Cizzorz. “I’m just doing what I love and that’s when I feel like the most attractive version of myself, and my hope is for all guys to feel that way. I hope that the work I’m doing with AXE will encourage guys to be proud of what makes them unique and help them find some of their own magic so they can feel the same way both on and offline.”

AXE and Cizzorz are calling on fans to submit a clip of their best gameplay on social media that showcases their creativity, personality and skillset. Cizzorz will later host the winner on his stream, introducing them to his viewers and helping them find their magic by developing their personal gaming and streaming style. The winner will also join Cizzorz and AXE at VidCon in Anaheim for a joint live stream.

The contest goes live May 6, 2019 11:00 am ET and will be open until May 23, 2019 11:59 pm ET. To enter, fans must submit their best live-action clip accompanied with a caption about why they’re passionate about gaming and upload their post to either Twitter or Instagram using #AXEGaming and #Contest. Visit for full contest rules.

To learn more about the AXE Gaming Contest, Ice Chill products and the Find Your Magic Tour, including all AXEmobile stops at upcoming events or at a high school in a city near you, visit or follow @AXE on InstagramFacebookTwitter and YouTube.

AXE® Launches AXE Gaming Contest, Partnership with FaZe Cizzorz 1

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