We’re all aware of the standard laws that are in place around the world. No stealing! No drink-driving! No giving away someone’s personal details online! You know the drill. However, there are lots of weird laws in place too. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the weirdest laws from around the world.

Wearing camouflage in the Caribbean – Considering camouflage has been in fashion in recent years, it would be very easy to break this law without intending to! However, the Defence Act of 2006 means that this is against the law. So, if you are planning on visiting Barbados, keep the military uniform at home.

Being in possession of more than 110 potatoes in Western Australia – I bet you did not expect to see potato possession on the criminal charges list. However, in Australia, it is! The Potato Marketing Corporation was so worried that a competing potato supplier could be smuggling potatoes into their territory that they pushed for strict laws to be implemented in 1946. You would receive a whopping $2,000 fine if you were found with too many potatoes. To put that into perspective, accounting for inflation, that would be round $26,500 today.  

Going commando in Thailand – We don’t know how they go about enforcing this law! However, if you are found to be wearing nothing underneath your trousers, you will find yourself in a spot of legal bother.

Avoiding your parents in China – If your parents drive you crazy, you can’t escape them in China. It is illegal to avoid your parents because they annoy you. This is a law that came into place fairly recently, in 2013, and it’s called the ‘Protection of the Rights and Interests of Elderly People.’ It also advises people to go home to visit their parents often if they do not live close to them.

Drink driving in El Salvador – You’re probably thinking that this is a pretty standard law, which is enforced all around the world, and you would be right. However, what makes this one different is the way that the drink driving law is enforced. A fine? A bit of jail time? No, how about being put in front of a firing squad? Yikes!

Getting married to your first cousin in Utah if you are both over 65-years-old – Ok, so, marrying your cousin – gross! But, it’s okay if you’re both old and wrinkly?

Paying with too many coins in Canada – This is a rule that a lot of people will get behind. In Canada, you aren’t allowed to pay ten dollars in dimes or five dollars in nickels. This is all part of the Currency Act of 1985. In this law, you will have a detailed breakdown of the glass ceiling regarding pocket change.

Teaching a monkey to smoke a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana – When it comes to weird rules, this has to be one of the weirdest that you will get! This legislation came into place back in 1924. This happened when a chimpanzee was found guilty of smoking a cigarette in South Bend. And, wait for it… the chimpanzee was fined $5! And, the fine was paid! We would love to know where a chimpanzee managed to find $5. Ever since this law came into place, a chimpanzee has not been found guilty of smoking a cigarette. Coincidence?

Dying in Sarpourenx, France – Sarpourenx is a small village in the south-west of France. You are not allowed to die here unless you already own a burial plot. In a 2008, the mayor declared that any offenders will be punished severely. Although, we are not quite sure how you punish a dead body?!

Climbing a tree in Oshawa, Ontario – Parents in Ontario will be keeping a close eye on their kids to make sure they don’t climb any of the trees, as they could end up paying a $250 fine! That’s a very expensive hobby.

Driving a dirty car in Russia – We have all passed one of those cars that looks like it needs a good clean, and then someone comes along and uses their finger to draw pictures and a few profanities! Well, you won’t get away with this in Russia, Since 2006, there has been a fine in place for dirty vehicles.

Having a wee in the ocean in Portugal – Some rules are simply impossible to enforce, and this is one of them! How are the authorities going to know if someone has gone for a wee in the ocean?

Kissing someone if you have a mustache in Indiana – Yes, the law in Indiana states that if you have a tendency to habitually kiss other humans, having a mustache is illegal. Nothing said about beards, though!

Giving your baby a stupid name in Denmark – In Denmark, parents are only allowed to select names that are featured on the government’s approved list. The good news is that there are 33,000 to choose from.

Chewing gum in Singapore – Another one of those laws that would be very easy to break as a tourist if you were none the wiser! Chewing gum has been banned since 1992 in the south-east Asian state. This law came about because of mischief-making, like putting chewing gum on subway doors. Because of this, a $1000 fine could come your way if you are caught chewing gum!

So there you have it: some of the strangest laws from around the world! Which on shocked you the most?

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