Automation is such an important business tool but there are still a lot of companies that aren’t taking full advantage of it. Automating business processes is so beneficial because it reduces the workload on your employees which means you don’t need to hire as many people and the people that you do have don’t need to waste time on menial tasks that can easily be carried out automatically. It’s a great way to save yourself a lot of money and make things more productive. It also reduces the chance of errors across the board, so there’s no excuse for not implementing automation in your business.

Automation can be used in pretty much every area of your business and it would take forever to list all of the different ways that you can benefit from it, so this article will focus on marketing in particular because this is one of the best departments for automation. These are the best ways to use automation to improve efficiency in your marketing department and increase sales.

Personalized Websites

When customers are interacting with a business, they want a more personalized experience and automation can help you to deliver that. If your website is exactly the same for every visitor, then it’s outdated and you need to give it an upgrade and introduce some personalization. By using customer data and automation, you can tailor the site to each individual visitor, which makes your conversion rate a lot higher. For example, if that customer has been spending a lot of time looking at brown leather shoes online, when they come to your website, the first thing that they see will be a pair of brown leather shoes. You can also address them by name when inviting them to sign up for your email list. These small details don’t seem like much but a personalized browsing experience is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate quickly.

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click ads can be a very effective marketing tool but a lot of businesses give up on them because they aren’t generating that many leads from them. But the reason that they’re not generating leads is that they aren’t using them effectively. It’s important that you’re choosing the right keywords in your ads and they’re reaching the right people, and you’re altering your strategy regularly to make sure that you’re always getting the best results. But doing all of that manually takes up a lot of time and most marketing departments are trying to focus on other areas so they can’t use all of their time on pay per click ads. The good news is, they don’t need to because automation has it covered. There are some great scripts that you can use for easy Google Ads automation so you can set it going and then leave it to do its thing. There’s no need for you to do anything with it at all because every single process is automated. You’ll get far better results from your pay per click ads and you won’t have to dedicate anywhere near as much time to it.

Triggered Emails

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with customers and increase leads but it can be a lot to manage if you’re doing it manually. If you’ve had a recent interaction with a customer and they’ve visited your website, for example, it’s important that you follow up on those interactions quickly if you’re going to convert that lead into a sale. The problem is, there’s no way that your marketing team can send an email out to every single person that visits the site, that’s where automation comes in. You can write out template emails and set certain triggers so that a customer that visits the site without buying something or a customer that adds items to their basket but doesn’t complete the purchase will get an automatic email. This is a great way to convert a lot of leads that you might otherwise have lost.

Sales Ready Lead Management

There is often a bit of tension between the sales and marketing department because marketing pass leads on to sales too prematurely and then sales waste their time pursuing leads that aren’t likely to convert. But you can get around that by automating your lead system so that it monitors leads and only passes them over once they are sales ready.

If you implement these automation tools in your marketing department, you’ll see a big increase in sales and your employees will be more productive.

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