We all know that drinking sufficient amount of water means there will be a lot of health benefits. One can maintain a proper body temperature, good energy level, proper metabolism and peaceful breathing because of this. This can also help in the prevention of heartburn, migraines, constipation, cardiovascular diseases, kidney stones, backaches and many more.

Water is an essential component that a living being needs and it helps in proper functioning of the organs present within the body. Every human body is said to contain two third water by weight and there are good amount of water present in bones, blood muscles and brain as well. Water is also needed much to perform proper metabolic activities and it is almost impossible for someone to live without it.

But are you drinking enough water regularly? Well, according to medical studies, one should drink at least 8 glasses of pure water (sometimes even more) on a regular basis. But this can vary with men and women. For adult men it should be 12 cups of water a day whereas for women it should be about 9 cups on a daily basis. But the water that one is taking has to be filtered and healthy. These days, regular tap waters that are supplied are full of contaminants, hard particles and other bad things and so they are needed to be purified before drinking. One can check Aquaguard enhance RO UV amc charges before installing a water purifier at home or at their work places.

Here are some major health benefits of drinking filters water on a regular basis:

Improves Energy Levels and Immunity

It is said that the human body mainly try to maintain a pH range of 7.3 to 7.4 in order to maintain proper physiological process. There is an acidic shift in the body which can lead to sickness and also some inability to accumulate vitamins and so if the pH level is not maintained then one can suffer from lower energy levels, oxygen deficiency and weaker immunity system. So, one needs to consume a lot of healthy water to keep these things intact.

Boosts Physical Performance

If there is dehydration, then it can cause fatigue, mood swings and less motivation. Dehydration only happens when there is inadequate water intake in the body. So, healthy water plays a very vital role in the lives of athletes and physical performers. If there is not proper intake of water then it can reduce their performance level by increasing the fatigue syndrome. One should thus never compensate on the fluid loss in the body when they are engaged into high intensity activities like rigorous exercise and marathon running. Consuming healthy water means there will always be an increase in the energy levels.

Improves Brain Function and prevents Headaches

When a body is properly hydrated, it can actually perform more complex activities than that of a dehydrated body. It can boost the memory, improves the mood and also reduces problems like regular headaches and constant fatigue. Drinking healthy and pure water is also said to improve brain functions.

Clears Toxins

Water is said to be the carrier of nutrients, oxygen and hormones to the other body parts and it is also responsible for the removal of dead cells, toxins and other waste materials from the body. There are enzymes and proteins which are required to perform some fundamental processes in the body and water is also required to make the organs function properly. Also the excretory material which is in the form of urea is also very much toxic and so they should be diluted properly before they are released out. Water works as a universal solvent in order to dilute that.

Weight loss

Drinking enough water can make one feel full and one may not feel hungry all the time if the stomach is filled with water. Water has zero calories and so it can promote metabolism and at the same time can aid weight loss. According to medical studies, if one drinks 500 ml of water then there is an increase in the metabolic rate by 30 percent. This can occur just after 10 minutes of drinking the water.

Skin Care

One faces a number of skin problems these days but drinking filtered water can prevent it all.  Natural water is full of minerals and so it increases the hydration level in the body and smoothens the skin texture. It can also keep the skin soft and supple because drinking water will never make the skin dry from inside. So, even in winter when the weather is dry outside, people drinking sufficient amount of healthy water will not face blisters.

Relieves Constipation

Healthy water means there will be a very smooth functioning in the digestive tract of a human body. It can also help one to maintain the regular bowel movements and also stops the difficulty in the passing of stools. If one drinks filtered and carbonated water, then it can have a very positive effect on constipation issues.

Reduces Hangover Symptoms

Due to heavy drinking at night, one may face thorough fatigue, dry mouth and severe headache the morning after. This can be easily reduced by drinking ample amount of filtered water. it can reduce the symptoms of hangover which is mainly caused by severe dehydration and also makes one feel better.

Improves Kidney Function

It is said that one needs to drink at least 10 glasses of filtered water so that they can prevent the formation of any kidney stones. Water can act as the best solvent and it never allows to accumulate salts and minerals which form the stones. They get easily eliminated and diluted by urine.

Before installing any water purifying machine one needs to know about the functions of them thoroughly. One also needs to know about aqua guard water purifier maintenance cost because once installed they will be used on a regular basis. So, one also has to maintain the machine properly so that it does not break down easily.

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