With the invention and also the improvement of technologies, even the process of taking examination has changed. Most of the competitive exams nowadays are conducted online. These computer based tests are more efficient in evaluating the candidates meticulously through a fully automated system which makes sure to save a lot of time as well as produces the result faster. The online mode of examination is an enhanced way of the pen and paper mode of examination and is done through web based online examination software. The need for monitoring the candidates while the online examination is going on can be avoided. The important instructions are given to the candidates before the exam starts.

The online examination system worksvery efficiently and for delivering the examination the 3 main components which are necessary to have are:

  1. An examination needs to be created and it can be done online. All the contents of the online examination also have to be kept securely until the starting date of examination.
  2. Supervision of the examination is equally important and needs to be done efficiently. The candidates have to be identified efficiently, and also needs to be screened to ensure that they do not compromise with the standards of the exams.
  3. The marking system of the exams is the final stage in any examination as it is very important while determining the success or failure of the candidates. It is this stage which decides the next level of success and achievement in life.

One of the most important highlight of online based examination is that it provides a very high level of transparency compared to the traditional method of pen and paper based examination. Since online based examinations cannot be influenced it is impossible to compromise the examination questions and the evaluation as well. Many online examinations are capable of producing the test results instantly and also the candidates can get the information of the result almost immediately. Below are some of the major reasons of how much valid are these online tests. 

  1. The online examination system is very much secure and confidentiality of the exam is maintained critically in order to retain its value. The exams that are prepared need to be kept securely since any kind of unwanted leakage will definitely affect the standard of any online test. It may also lead to cancellation of the entire examination. All these features are very well maintained using an online method since the content of the entire examination securely locked away in a database and also the access to the database can be done only with the help of an authorized personnel. The questions can easily be arranged randomly so that no participants see similar questions in the similar order. Questions can also be mixed after each new question is added to the database of the system. Then the questions can be randomly selected from the system database. 
  2. One of the most important advantage of online examinations are that it can be conducted anywhere. The candidate who is appearing for the online examination only needs a personal computer with a strong internet connection. The candidate also does not need to travel long distances for appearing in the test as they can give the exam at comfort of their home or any other center according to their choice. This would mean that thousands of candidates can appear for the same exam over a number of locations. Gone are the days when the candidates had to move from one region or locality to another for appearing in the examination. Even the examiners also benefit from this as they do not have to worry about the painstaking task of marking the exams taken by thousands of candidates manually as this is now well taken care of by the online system. The online system after marking each and every exam, declares the result to the candidate either at the end of the exam or sometimes instantly. The examiners are also working on the online based examinations system and trying to create exam online that will present examination questions in multiple languages. Several exams on different subjects for different courses can also be set at the same time. Exams can also be made available 24*7 which allows candidates to take exams at their own convenience.
  3. An online system of examination is very much cost effective. The cost of paper, copying, printing or even distribution expenses are all reduced to a great extent. The removal of paper costs alone is amazing. The copying and distribution of all the assignments to a large number of candidates are often unmanageable and also inefficient at the same time. Administrators are also anxious to reduce the miscellaneous expenses and are most likely to favor the transition from paper assignments examinations to using online assessment software strongly.
  4. Online examination system uses computers which help in saving a lot of time. Since the availability of computers and the internet is widespread nowadays, there comes a general acceptability and endorsement of this online system. All the lengthy formalities and each and every processes that is involved in creating the question papers, registering all the candidates for the exams, answer sheet evaluation and declaration of results are completely eliminated with the online mode of examination system. Each candidate is timed specifically and all the results of the exams are generated instantly. In some cases, a candidate sometimes also gets an assessment on failed questions.
  5. Since the computer based or online examinations are designed universally, it causes lesser physical impediments of test taking than the pen and paper based examination. Screen readers, magnification tools, text to voice and voice to text applications are used mainly by the learners who are visually impaired or with auditory and motor impairments. Even candidates with dyslexia can use these applications and it helps these candidates to a great extent. The candidates who take longer time to complete a test due to some disability can easily take the help of these applications in online test systems.

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