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Ever since its existence, the world of information technology has never been the same. With the increasing advancements, inventions and services, there has not been a single aspect of our lives that the IT is yet to touch! These constant developments have changed the course of how any business works today! From communicating, working and expanding to managing data, the information technology has revolutionized every single aspect of commerce and is now a mandatory feature to be used by businesses and companies in order to survive against their competitions.

One such service, without which it is unthinkable for some, to run a business today, is the NetApp Oncommand. It has allowed entrepreneurs to inexpensively handle their company’s data and information on the computer, which not only allows their company to survive, but also thrive due to minimizing the capital and resources invested in data management and allotting them in other fields of the business.

Ideally, any service reaches its maximum potential of benefits if it is benefitting the user in three major ways:- 

  1. User-friendly
  2. Time-saving
  3. Economical 

The NetApp Oncammand workflow automation incorporates all three of these aspects to ensure the provision of maximum customer satisfaction and productivity. In this article, we further elaborate on how the design of this Netapp service would do you benefit.

How is it user-friendly?

If you are someone who has achieved the NetApp certification, workflow automation and managing that data would not pose a challenge to you. With the increasing demand of applicants owning NetApp certification for jobs has to lead to a vast majority of IT professionals to achieve this certification. Thus, the NetApp Oncommand system can be run easily by a number of IT administrators. The fact that it is user-friendly, has made it highly popular among masses in recent years.

How does it save time?

1.    Easy to use: As mentioned earlier, the NetApp Oncommand Workflow Automation can be managed by anyone who has the NetApp certification. Added to it the fact that it is a user-friendly service, a business manager using it would require smaller task force running it, unlike other systems that require a lengthy task forced comprising of individuals with multiple certifications. Thus, a minimal task force would not only be efficient in running but also quicker and save you time.

2.    Efficient Troubleshooting: Be it a small scale business or a large scale, they all use the NetApp Oncommand workflow automation to manage humungous amounts of data. With this magnitude of data being handled on an hourly basis, the system is bound to face issues. This can exponentially slow down your business work along with resulting in a chaotic environment in the office. The efficient troubleshooting system in the NetApp system would save you heaps of time and have your team do their work smoothly. It is best to have a Network certification administrator to be designated for troubleshooting.

3.    Monitoring through a single pane of glass: This might come as a surprise to some, but the NetApp Oncommand workflow automation would allow the administrator to monitor multiple NetApp system through one screen. Some IT analysts and experts might describe it as a game changer, as this can save an enormous amount of time for the user. This is not only sufficient for monitoring multiple working environments simultaneously, but also for comparing them. The chief administrator can equate multiple working environments and effectively assess the factors contributing to the competency of one environment and the lacking of the other. Thus, gone are the days when one have to make multiple visits to their employees and ask for feedback in order to maintain a uniformed efficiency in the business. 

How does it save money?

1.    Time is money: Eventually, all the time that you have saved with the NetApp Oncommand workload automation, you could utilize it in doing something productive and beneficial for your business. Along with this, as mentioned earlier, you can hire fewer employees to manage it, which can save your company’s money, along with the fact that the service can be managed by administrators with just a NetApp certification in contrast to a multitude of them, thus even the employees you do hire, would not demand higher salaries.

2.    You can allow storage for individual apps: While a majority of us let this feature go unnoticed, it is perhaps one of the most beneficial service looking from a monitory perspective. While having unorganized data might lead to mismanaging and chaos, the NetApp service allows the user to assign specific storage space to each application, so the infrastructure can remain running smoothly. This allows the user to provide the space to the required app beforehand, and manage other data in the remainder, as opposed to being forced to invest in more storage space in emergency situations of the systems running out of the storage that your apps need.

3.    Oncommand Insight report: The NetApp Oncommand workload automation report allows you to assess the details about the use of your network infrastructure; how much it is used, its costs, and the investment it might further require. While, all through generations, these reports have been manually created, the NetApp service allows you to have their automated versions. This, and having an administrator with NetApp certification managing this would exponentially reduces the margin of errors and time consumption, thus is rather advantageous. Having accurate reports about the expenditure on the network infrastructure allows deciding the money that you should further spend as per your system’s needs. You could also reduce the budget of some applications that either do not require a higher amount of investment or are not expected to perform prioritized work.

4.    Data is safe: Having a manual record of company data and business transactions is not only tiring to maintain but also prone to accidents and misuse. The NetApp automation allows you to safely store your data, and back up in case of accidents so you don’t end up losing any sensitive information. Also, unlike hardcopies, files, folders etc, the data can be only accessed by authorized administrators. Thus, the data safety provided by NetApp results in lack of data mishandling, and in turn, saves your business from an unfortunate loss.

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