Freshening Up Your Office For The New Season

Are you starting to feel as if your office is stale and dull? After a long stint of working in the same room with the same boring white walls… it’s no wonder so many of us lose inspiration and motivation to work. If you fancy making some changes to your office before the spring, here are some of the super simple upgrades you can make.

Change the floor

We don’t know why, but it seems like every standard office is supplied with the same boring blue or grey carpet, and it is usually accompanied by cheap vinyl tiles in the kitchen. If you are sick of the same dull shade of blue in your office, why not lay a new floor all together? For an office environment, it can actually be a better idea to have a hard floor than a carpet because it is easier to keep clean. Replacing your boring carpet with laminate or Stained Concrete can make a huge impact on the space and really bring it to life.

Display fresh flowers

If you are feeling that your office is lacking a splash of colour and life, there is no better way to bring spring into the space than with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Most offices have a foyer area or a seating area for the team to enjoy, so why not brighten up the table with a bouquet of fresh lilies or tulips? It will look fresh and colourful and can be exactly what you need to fill that blank space in the office.

Get new chairs

One of the best ways for you to make a large impact on the design of the office with minimal effort is to buy some new chairs for your team. Instead of sticking with the same old black swivel chairs, why not be bold and bring some colour to the room? Order 1-2 colours of chairs for the office and enjoy the new dynamic it brings to the room. If you don’t want to fork out for chairs, you can also think about buying everyone a bright cushion to rest their back on while they work.

Think personal

One of the fun ways that you can make a change to your office this spring could be to let everyone bring in a piece of art they love to decorate the walls. Most offices have a blank wall or two which need to be filled, so you can let everyone bring in a piece or artwork that they love to display in the room. This could be anything from paintings to photos to film posters, and it will provide everyone with some colour, as well as acting as a great talking point between the team.

Let in the sun

Sunlight can make any space feel fresher and more exciting, so why not open up the curtains and let in the light this year? It will make such a difference for the space to open up the windows or install larger ones. You can even rearrange the office desks to allow people to get the most out of the daylight.

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