Technology is such a big part of our daily lives today, and although it can be viewed from a negative perspective, it’s also something that can be extremely useful and even do things like protect our homes and our families – or simply make life more convenient, and that’s not a bad thing, especially in this day and age where our lifestyles are busy and chaotic.

So, if you’re wondering how exactly you can use modern technology to your advantage, to help your family, make your life easier, and even have some harmless fun with it, then in this post, we’re sharing with you some of our favorite fun gadgets that will liven up any home.

VR Headset:

A Virtual Reality headset is something that your family will definitely love and be able to enjoy together, so if you’re looking for a cool gadget that will have you labelled as the coolest parent on the block, then a VR headset is definitely one worth looking into. There are many of these on the market, so you can choose from a lot of options and will be able to find something that’s suitable for your family and that fits within your budget.


A hoverboard isn’t technically a gadget you’re going to be using at home – well, you might, but it’s certainly not advised to be using it at home, though it’s one that you can enjoy together as a family and will make for a lot of fun memories. Again, there are a lot of hoverboards on the market at different price ranges and with different features like hoverboard bluetooth to choose from, so it’s always a good idea to take a look around and find the one that fits your needs.

Video Doorbell:

Video doorbells have been causing quite a stir recently since hitting the mainstream market, and although the nature of the technology has seen some criticism, they’re a great security measure for your home that doesn’t involve costly equipment or invasive installations. You can find different ones online to choose from so you can see which one would work for you and what features you need.

Bluetooth Speaker:

If your family is a lover of music, then a bluetooth speaker would make a great addition to your household. You can connect these speakers to your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV and enjoy music, audiobooks, podcasts and anything else that takes your fancy completely hands free and from any room in your house without disturbing everyone else with the loud volume. Again, these can be found in multiple price ranges, so taking a look online is the best way to start looking for a bluetooth speaker that you like.

Electronic Virtual Assistant:

Electronic virtual assistants are the latest big thing right now – with every company from Amazon to Google and Apple offering their own version, and they come with quite the number of features, including being able to control your lighting, adjust the temperature, start your oven, and even create your shopping list when asked.

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