Think Again If You Think You’ve Got Safety In The Bag


If there’s one thing you’re proud of as a business owner, it’s your ability to keep your employees safe and secure. It’s something you go above and beyond to achieve. Despite any other teething issues, you at least know that you’ve got this one thing under control. Health and safety can never come knocking on your door. Or, can they?

The sad fact is that issues of health and safety are rarely black and white. Despite your best efforts, it’s possible that you haven’t considered every factor. You’re only human, after all. To help you avoid unpleasant accidents, we’re going to discuss the health and safety matters you might not have under as much control as you think.

Substandard equipment

Investment in substandard equipment is a significant issue. As a business manager, you understandably want to cut costs. But, anything from cheap office chairs to cut-price manufacturing equipment could cause accidents. Items like these just aren’t always up to scratch. They’re more liable to malfunction and cause injury. With a chair, that could be something like a sprained wrist. With manufacturing equipment, issues could be fatal. Make sure that doesn’t happen by only ever making informed purchases. That doesn’t mean you can’t cut costs, but you should make sure to investigate things out before you do. Check out reports like these from people who review Boss laser cutters before buying. Watch YouTube videos outlining any pitfalls of those new office chairs. Either way; make sure you’re only ever buying gear with employee safety in mind.

One-time training

The chances are that you pride yourself on your employee training. This is all part of the reason why your workplace is such a safe space, right? Every new employee receives extensive training in every area before you let them loose. But, we’re here to tell you that may still be falling short. That’s because one-time training rarely does the trick. While it may earn you a tick from the authorities, it isn’t always enough to keep your staff safe. That’s because training often gets forgotten, especially in processes which aren’t used. If it’s been ten years since they practiced your fire drill, for example, how can you expect them to remember? Instead, keep on top with regular reviews in every area you can think of. That way, there’s no chance that necessary procedures fall by the wayside.

Suspicious safety gear

Think Again If You Think You've Got Safety In The Bag 1

Along the same lines, you may also think that investing in the correct safety gear is all it takes to keep on top. But, again, you would be wrong. Safety gear really needs checking after every use. That’s because clips and buckles can come loose. Fail to carry out checks like these, then, and a legal team won’t care that you had the gear in the first place. Make sure it doesn’t happen by doing checks on all safety equipment at the end of each day. Then, you might be able to claim to be the safe employer you consider yourself as.

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