4 Things Which Can Help You Cope With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, affects millions of Americans every day.  The condition is caused by experiencing a distressing event which leaves a stamp on your psyche.   It can occur as a result of anything from suffering an accident to surviving sexual trauma.

For some people, it can bring on terrible anxiety and even flashbacks.  Their sleep may be affected, and they may even display violence. While PTSD can feel like it’s controlling every aspect of your life, it’s possible to take control of it.  By learning the right tools and practicing them daily, it’s possible to free yourself.

Here are some of the methods which are proven to work best.


There are many studies which show the effectiveness that meditation has on trauma.  By stilling your mind and focusing your attention inward, you can increase mental peace.  

If you frequently have negative thoughts as a result of a bad experience, meditation can help you change the pattern.  The idea of meditation is to silence the mind and increase self-awareness. As a result, people walk away from meditation feeling released of stress and anxiety.


Physical activity can significantly reduce feelings of stress.  Without having a place to direct all of your pent up energy it will continue to build up.  However, engaging in a physical activity which gets your heart rate up will decrease the tension.

Having an outlet for all of the emotions you’re feeling will not only help you cope with your symptoms, but you’ll improve your health too.


Many specialists swear by the power of self-expression therapy.  Patients are encouraged to express how their feeling through art.  Whether it’s singing or painting, they use self-expression as a means to empty their emotional baggage.

Sometimes traumatic experiences are too difficult to talk about with words.  However, art can provide the perfect opportunity to express yourself.


Many PTSD patients rely on the help of animals to see them through.  When they start to feel emotions rising or a panic attack about to begin, they turn to their animal.

In addition to being a source of comfort, they can also be of great use for nightmares. Since animals can often sense the onset of a nightmare occurring, they are trained to wake up their owner.

As a result, patients are less susceptible to painful memories and flashbacks when they sleep.

Homeopathic Remedies

While there are plenty of pharmaceutical options for people with PTSD, they can be harmful and addictive.  More more and more people are turning to the power of natural medicine to help them cope.

There has been a considerable amount of success found with aromatic oils as well as herbal supplements. It may be worth looking into before prescription drugs.

4 Things Which Can Help You Cope With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 3
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4 Things Which Can Help You Cope With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 5

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