Buying a new vaping device or kit is bound to be exciting. You might be excited to learn about a new battery’s reliability or to elevate the experience with a brand-new tank or a bigger production of vapor. 

However, one big factor you might not have considered when selecting a new vape device is its design. Read on to discover how the shape and design of a vape changes the experience.

Smaller Batteries

Vaping is rising in popularity due to the many technologies that are helping to improve the experience. While you might not think it, batteries play an important role in the vaping experience. Not only do they determine a vape device’s power, but they also determine its shape and size. The development of smaller, more powerful batteries throughout the years has undoubtedly contributed to an improved experience. 

For example, rather than charging your battery several times each day, you will often only need to charge it once, if you don’t heavily use the device. So, you can continue to enjoy the experience, even if you need to visit places where you are unable to recharge a battery. Visit to take your pick from both rechargeable and disposable e-cigs.

Smaller Vape Devices

As stated, the development of smaller batteries have led to the development of smaller devices, which are making a vaporizer or e-cig more practical and easier to use. It is, therefore, becoming a much more attractive option, as a device can be stored and carried with ease, which can suit a person’s lifestyle.

Sub-Ohm Tanks and Drip Tips

Many avid vapers are turning to sub-ohm tanks for greater cloud production. However, it’s important to choose a vape design that will not detract from the overall experience. For example, while you might not think twice about adding many heating wires into the atomizer coil head, or adding a wide drip tip to allow more air to pass through, it can impact your vaping enjoyment

For example, it can lead to a user inhaling plain air and using an excess amount of e-liquid, which can impact their bank balance. Think about it; the more heating wires a coil features, the harder a vape device will need to work to heat the metal. 

Sub-ohm tanks might be fun to use and are ideal if vapor production is your main goal, but they will provide little vaping satisfaction. For an improved experience, you would be much better off with a single-coil tank and a lower wattage setting. A narrow drip tip can also direct the vapor to a person’s palate and down their throat, rather than them inhaling plain air.


If you want to improve your vaping experience, you must focus on smaller devices with few coil wires and a narrow drip tip. 

Bulky vaporizers are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as the smaller batteries and smaller designs are resulting in the development of more attractive, sleek and practical vaporizers with more efficient systems, which is leading to improved function and maximum satisfaction.

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