Are you planning on attending a trade show or exhibition in 2019? If so, it is important that you impress and stand out from all of the other businesses in attendance. This blog post will enable you to do so by providing some crucial pieces of advice on using video in your next exhibition stand.

Exhibition stand design is a skill and it is important that you choose a company carefully to complete the work for you. If you are a business owner who regularly attends events and they are a place where you receive most of your customers, a professionally designed and constructed stand is absolutely essential. However, there are a few fundamental rules to ensure that your display is effective.

One of the most common requests received from businesses who are looking for display design is the insistence on the inclusion of a plasma screen. However, before specific technologies are explored you need to first think about the content. Many people make the mistake of adding a plasma screen to their display and running a corporate video. This can be a costly mistake as corporate videos tend to be rather lengthy and provide potential customers with unnecessary information.  

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You need to make an impression quickly…

Visitors attending events often spend a couple of minutes at the very most at your stand and within this time they will make an instant decision as to whether your business is of any value. If you are repeatedly running a corporate video on a screen, it can be very difficult to get an overall picture of your business, its message and the products or services being offered if the video is halfway through or full of corporate jargon. Attendees at such events will decide in a couple of seconds whether your business is of interest to them so the information provided on your display needs to be succinct, impactful and sales orientated. If you want to incorporate video into your exhibition display, it needs to be short, snappy and effectively created in order to convey what your company is about and what it can do for potential customers.

Your trade stand and the video being shown must work together, not compete

You also need to make sure the trade stand you have built complements what is being shown on the screen. This is where experts like Infinity Exhibits show their worth. Professionals will be able to design the perfect stand based on the video you are showing. This will ensure that the two are not fighting for attention and confusing people who pass by.

You can use the video after the event too

Post event, the videos can be disseminated to interested businesses, which will have much more of an impact than a standard corporate brochure. It is also a much more effective way to engage with potential customers outside of the event and is often a welcome variation from a standard corporate brochure. Plus, it makes sure you get your money’s worth. You have spent a lot of time and effort putting together the video, so make more use of it.

Brainstorming ideas

In order to develop your video for the event, you need to decide on its length and most importantly the content. Spend time developing each section, brainstorming ideas and discussing options with your project manager and your colleagues. These videos need to be slightly different to the average audio-visual material as they need to instantly engage with an audience where many have never seen or heard of your business before.

Deciding on your video content and structure

When you are thinking about the content for your video, there are several elements you need to think about. Firstly you need to effectively introduce your product or service to customers. Secondly, you need to outline the benefits of the product or service and most importantly how it can benefit the target customers. Thirdly, you need to include the unique selling points of the product or service and include a sales pitch as to why clients should choose your company over the competition. The following sections of the video should provide a little more information about the wider market and outline prices if these are relevant before introducing key individuals within the business and their role. Customer testimonials are always an excellent way to convey your reputation as a company to do business with. A couple of testimonials on your video toward the end can make all the difference.

The closing section of the video should include a dynamic finish with a statement to strengthen everything that has been said and provide a call to action. As technology has evolved, it is now much cheaper to create a video than it once was. If you already have a sales video which is suitable for exhibitions, this can be easily edited and modernised with the use of new technologies.
Furthermore, if you are a start-up business with few or no products to showcase, you can use specialist software to create effective animations or commission someone to do this for you. However, you approach the creation of a video, ensure that it is suitable for the exhibitions that you are attending. Check that it’s the right length, conveys the right amount of information and most importantly engages with potential clients. A plain exhibition stand can be completely transformed with some carefully developed video content.

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