Arsenal with the best version of itself has unearthed, as Unai Emery, Head coach of Premier League Arsenal brings about changes to the team. According to him, the only aspiration he anticipates to witness in his team is – the best! It’s why if you love betting online with  you might just want to take a look at placing your bets on the gunners.

Being a vital part of leading the team, his focus is more on motivation and mental strength. Apart from the strategy making, technicalities and fitness of the team, he intends to bring out the best in each that he has picked. Given the past on how Arsenal gave away signs of their deficiencies, benefitting the opponent in presuming their moves, the approach now needs fixing.

Arsenal had a rough beginning losing to Manchester City and Chelsea; however, Emery has compensated by leading Arsenal towards winning six Premier Leagues in a row, and defeating Fulham 5-1, which is considered a significant performance.

The Five Things You’ll Notive as a Football Fan

Below are five things that football lovers have noticed, with Emery in the picture:

  1. Pairing Aubameyang and Lacazette– The pair has got along really well under Emery. Placing both these players together has certainly paid off, and for this season they have four Premier League goals.
    The relationship between the two players seems to have grown, to an extent of calling each other brother, especially after the Fulham match. People are comparing the duo with Cole and Yorke, a pair from the ex-Manchester United
  2. Strategical Coaching–The former manager for Arsenal was was speculated to have a futile attempt in persuading the team to bring out the best in them. Also, the best performing players were observed to have the attribute missing, with the repetitive mistake in every match.
    Nevertheless, Alexander Iwobi has caught attention recently during the impressive wins over Fulham and Qarabag.
  3. Playing-out from the Back– This one is claimed to be a strategy that Emery seems to be quite confident about and has placed special emphasis upon.
    While Arsenal was quite known for not enduring the ball for long from the defense, there has been a shift in the strategy. The team now seeks to play out starting with the goal-keeper first.
  4. Introducing Defensive Midfielder – Lucas Torreira was signed as a defensive midfielder from Sampodoria recently, and though it’s too early to make any statements on his performance; however, he ranks the second for passes in the team.
    Torreira also seems to have covered for the defensive struggles, that Arsenal faced during Granit Xhaka’s tenure.
  5. Pressing with Intensity – Contradicting the absence of pressing strategy in the former manager, Wenger’s approach, the team has now started to initiate the strategy with intensity. In the last season, Arsenal ranked eight in the division for distance covered.

While Arsenal’s pressing depended on a single player last season, the strategy has shifted and is quite evident with a powerful team effort, having the forward players taking charge and compact strategy used for the defenders.

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