For an average family of four, the costs of digital devices, food and apparel can reach over $15,000 per year. When you have a large family, however, you can expect these costs to be amplified.

Families with six or more children find it difficult to make ends meet without being smart about their spending habits. However, it’s fair to say that a frugal lifestyle is not the answer to everything. You can’t afford to cut down on shopping the essentials. But you can be savvy about what you buy and how you make the most of it. Large families agree that the key to a fulfilling life that doesn’t break the bank is to keep track of the following costs at all times:

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In a large family, mom’s meal planner is only about cooking

Compare prices for your tech devices

One of the least thought of costs when you have children is the cost of digital devices. Indeed, nowadays, it is fundamental to have access to digital technology to carry on a fully integrated social life. For teenagers especially, digital devices play a significant role in their education, socialization, and overall safety. Consequently, as your children grow, you need to consider the purchase of a smartphone. But you can save costs on contracts by checking affordable options. Comparing prices can be a lifesaver – you can check the Ting Mobile reviews online if you’re in the process of choosing a mobile plan. Similarly, you can also look for broadband provider alternatives for your family.

Buy your food wisely

Grocery shopping can get immensely expensive when you have six or more children, firstly in terms of actual cost of the food, but also in terms of how much time it can take away from your routine. When you have a large family to manage, you need to get savvy about grocery shopping, and getting savvy means going online. You will find incentive offers from online grocery stores; some of which can even provide free delivery. In other words, you can’t afford not to take advantage of the variety of online offers for your grocery shopping. You could end up saving hundreds!

Find the best kids’ clothes online

Children grow up, and as they do, they need new clothes. In large families, you’ve got the possibility reuse items for younger kids. However, some clothing items might be too damaged to be passed down the line. Buying new clothes can be an expensive experience, but you can review prices online to target discounts from retailers. Additionally, you can also find high-quality second-hand clothes online, such as from Thred Up, to find everything you need at 75% of the cost. Similarly, you can also take a look at the Facebook marketplace community and eBay.  

Meal plan everything

Preparing a weekly plan might sound dull, but it can save you tons of money in the long term. Indeed, a mom of 14 children reveals that the monthly grocery costs for her family are $1,200 thanks to meal planning – for comparison, $1,200 a month for a family of 14 and two parents, that’s only $75 per person. She uses a combination of batch cooking, freezing leftovers and bulk shopping.

In conclusion, the question is not whether you can cut down costs in a large family but how much you can save by shopping wisely, comparing and planning ahead. It pays to become a smart shopper!

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