Commuting tends to the bane of the average worker’s life. There’s just something extremely frustrating about having to get up in order to get ready for work a good couple of hours before you start getting paid for your efforts. What’s more? Everyone else tends to be trying to get into work for the same time, which results in hoards of commuter traffic. A simple twenty minute journey can easily expand into a journey that will take an hour and half stuck in standstill traffic. Now, there are various different ways to avoid this. You can leave even earlier, miss the traffic and try to be a little more constructive in the time you get between arriving at work and actually having to start work – but again, this further extends your working day. You could turn to public transport options such as the train, tram, or tube, as these don’t get caught in the same type of road traffic that you might when driving a car. However, carriages tend to be extremely full and uncomfortable, with others encroaching on your personal space. An all round effective option that you might want to consider is investing in a motorcycle. Here’s a little more on the subject!

Weave In and Out of Traffic

When you invest in a motorcycle, you can carefully weave in and out of traffic during the rush hour period. Cars tend to have to stay static in jams, as they cannot progress at a faster rate than the vehicle in front of them. Motorcycles, on the other hand, can travel down the centre of the lane between other static vehicles. Just make sure to go a little slower than you usually would and to keep an eye out for others’ wing mirrors. You should also be aware that individuals could open car doors unexpectedly. If you do experience some sort of motorcycle accidents, make sure to seek medical attention, take the details of the other person and vehicle involved, and contact a lawyer once you are in a safe and secure location.

Find Parking Easier

Motorcycles are smaller than your average vehicle and are consequently easier to park than your average vehicle. You only need a small spot and these are much easier to find than a spot that can accommodate a large car or van. Many workplaces also have reserved parking for motorcycles. These spots are rarely made use of, so are often empty. This saves you time, as you won’t have to circle parking lots for quite as long in search of a vacant space.

While the morning commute can be stressful, riding a motorcycle responsibly could help to improve your day to day experience of getting into work!

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