Establishing Your Medical Research Facilities


If – as a child – you always dreamt about becoming the person who changes lives and beats some of the most distressing illnesses and conditions out there, you might be thinking about starting your own medical research facilities. The truth is that all labs are heavily regulated, no matter which country you are starting in. The cost of establishing yourself and getting the right equipment can also be high. At the end, however, it will all be worth it. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started if you are determined to change lives.

Establishing Your Medical Research Facilities 1

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Finding the Right Facilities

The venue is important. You don’t only need to make sure that you have all the power and facilities in the building, but you also need to ensure that your staff will be able to get in and out and find parking spaces. Scientists are often coming up with different demands, such as on site canteen, or a breakout room, but these actually improve their productivity. Find business premises that are suitable for highly educated individuals.


Access control is an important area new laboratories should focus on. You have to restrict access, not only if you are working on a new patent, but also for every project. If unauthorized personnel gets to your research subjects, or makes a mistakes, this can potentially cost you thousands – if not tens of thousands – of dollars each time. Not to mention that your investors want to ensure that your research is safe.

Reviewing Recent Developments

Before you develop your first medical research project, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the latest developments in drug research. This will allow you to tap into an area that has a true potential and where there is money to be made. At the same time, you also have to check whether or not you can be a competitive force, especially if other, larger companies are working on similar projects.


Medical laboratories need to monitor their resource use, and everything is usually measured to the last microgram or nanogram. You will have to calculate the cost of your equipment and get adequate funding. As an example, you will need chemical storage, as well as 96 well plate to filter materials and separate them. Choose suppliers with a proven track record.  

Finding the Right People and Partners

Establishing Your Medical Research Facilities 2

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Your laboratory will not function well if you don’t find the right researchers to work on your projects. You can seek collaboration with local higher education facilities, or find apprentices who are interested in your specific research. Once they have proven that they are as passionate about your medical research as you are, you can take them on full time and expand your team.

Establishing a medical research facility is not cheap. It is rewarding, though, given that you have the right people and partners to work on, and you believe that your inventions and technologies will make a difference for the population you are looking to help.

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