When you embark on deliveries of any kind, you take your business out into the world. With branded trucks, you put both your reputation and your prospects in the firing line. For the most part, this is a good thing. Taking business on the road means spreading the message and reaching a wide audience. But, taking things outside the office does have its risks. Your drivers will be operating for all to see. If they get things wrong, everyone will soon know about it.

Say your driver is expressing road rage. This will reflect poorly on your business and could have serious repercussions. In the worst case, one of your drivers getting involved in an accident could see you on the wrong end of a lawyer like George Salinas. In extreme instances, a case like this will receive wide attention. That could undo your business efforts altogether.

More often than not when things like this happen, we point the finger at our employees. Some business owners even try to claim that the driver should face legal proceedings. In reality, though, you shouldn’t point the finger of blame for this at anyone but yourself. And, here are three reasons why.

You chose to hire that employee

If nothing else, you chose to hire the employee in question. You selected them, and trusted that they’d be the best person to represent your company. You should have done thorough checks on their employment and driving. If you skipped these steps or missed warning signs, it’s your fault. A driver who experiences road rage will likely have some worrying signs on their licence. You should have known to look for that before letting them behind the wheel of one of your branded trucks. As such, trouble here always comes back to you.

Those trucks are your responsibility

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It’s also important to note that accidents and issues on the roads don’t always happen as a result of the driving. It may be that your trucks are to blame. In that instance, there’s no way you can blame anyone but yourself. As an employer, you need to keep your employees safe and secure at all times. If something happens because of your trucks, you face legal implications from both parties. If you cut costs on cheap second-hand vans, or fail to keep on top with maintenance, you can turn that finger of blame right around.

What about your delivery instructions?

Many truck accidents are a result of distracted driving. If your couriers have to worry about navigation as they drive, it’s all too likely they’ll be involved in a crash. But, that isn’t their fault. As their employer, you should do what you can to ensure they know exactly where they’re going. At the start of each delivery run, you should provide detailed instructions. It may even be worth giving each driver a form of satellite navigation. That way, you ensure they never have to take their eyes off the road to see where they’re going.

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