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For some reason or another, compensation has come to be a rather controversial subject. There are a whole host of myths surrounding the topic. But when it comes down to it, it is a subject you should genuinely understand, as you may have to claim compensation at some point or another. Here are a couple of myths cleared up to guide you in the right direction!

It Is Fair to Claim Compensation

Many people will claim that it is unfair to claim compensation. They will often say things like “how was the defendant to know that something bad could happen”. But what you need to remember is that an unfair case will not be taken through court. You will only be provided with compensation that you rightfully deserve. Sure, individuals in authority positions may not function as all seeing eyes and they can’t see the future. But it is their responsibility to provide safe spaces for people to work and spend time in. Legally, they should carry out risk assessments to prevent potential accidents from ever occurring.

Lawyers Do Not Drag Cases Out for Profit

Another common argument against claiming compensation is that lawyers will drag out legal cases for as long as possible in order to make as much money as possible for themselves. Again, this is untrue. Lawyers have a legal obligation to prioritise their client’s best interests. The infographic below should be able to guide you through the process of choosing a personal injury lawyer who will meet all of your needs.

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