3 Tips For A Speedy Recovery From Plastic Surgery


Undergoing any type of surgery can be hard on your body, regardless of what type of surgery it is. So when you go under the knife for an elective surgery like those of plastic surgery, it’s just as important that you focus on your recovery as it would be for any other surgery. By doing certain things to speed up your recovery, you can ensure that you’re able to get back to your normal routine in as quickly of a manner as you possibly can. To help you achieve this, here are three tips for a speedy recovery from plastic surgery.

Follow The Instructions You’ve Been Given

Both before and after your plastic surgery, your doctor will likely give you some instructions that you should follow exactly. If you don’t follow the instructions you’ve been given before your surgery, you might not have as smooth of a surgery while it’s taking place, which could put you in danger. Additionally, if you don’t follow the instructions you’ve been given for your recovery, it could take you much longer to heal and see the results you were looking for. For this reason, PlasticSurgery.org recommends that you follow all direction regarding things like caring for your surgical sites and drains, taking medication, and any other concerning areas.

Keep An Eye On Your Incision

Depending on the type of plastic surgery you’ve had done, you might have one or more incisions that you’ll need to keep an eye on. According to Jennifer Whitlock, a contributor to VeryWellHealth.com, you’ll be able to tell a lot about how well you’re healing simply by examining your incision. If the area around your incision looks pink or red, if there’s any drainage seeping through, or if you notice any opening of your wound, these could be signs that you need to get things further taken care of by your doctor. To help prevent infection, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before you even consider touching the areas around your incision.

Get Things Moving, Inside and Out

One of the difference between plastic surgery recovery and recovering from other types of surgery, according to Dr. Robert Kotler, a contributor to WebMD.com, is that you should get yourself up and moving within a day or so of your surgery. By getting some fresh air and moving your body, you’ll be able to help move things along on the inside of your body as well, especially if you’re experiencing any constipation as a result of taking your pain medication. While you should still take it easy, it is important that you do get things moving when you can.

To help you get back to normal function sooner, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you speed up your recovery time after plastic surgery.

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