Everybody has dreams about their future career when they’re young but it doesn’t often work out that way. A lot of people end up taking a job to get by and before they know it, it’s their career. Some people might also go for a better paid job over a fulfilling one because they’re trying to be realistic. That’s not necessarily a bad move but it does leave some people wanting more when they get a bit older. If you feel like it might be time for a career change and you want to do a more fulfilling job where you can give something back, the medical industry is ideal for you. The only problem is that training to be a doctor takes a long time and that’s not ideal for a late stage career change. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your hopes of working in the medical profession just yet. It’s true that you’ll have to retrain for most jobs in the medical industry but not all of them are going take as long as training to be a doctor. These are some of the best jobs in the medical profession that don’t take a lifetime to train for.


Nursing is the ideal job for somebody that wants a more fulfilling job. Being a nurse is all about caring for people and building a good relationship with your patients. It’s an incredibly rewarding job, even though it can be tough at times. It can also be quite flexible depending on where you’re working so it’s a good job for people that don’t get on well with normal 9 to 5 working hours. Before you can start looking for jobs, you’ll need to train to become a registered nurse. That usually takes around 2 years but there are accelerated programs available if you want to do it quicker. Once you’re qualified and you’ve got a state license, you can start working as a nurse. Your initial qualification will only get you to a certain level so if you want to progress further, you’ll need to do an online RN BSN course. Doing it online means that you can take the course in your spare time while you’re still working. When you’ve got a bachelors in nursing, you’ll get a higher salary and you can more superior positions.

Administrative Work

If you don’t want to go back into education but you’d still like to work in the medical industry, administrative work might be the way to go. Hospitals still need people to do general office work or secretarial work. If you’re already working in an office, you could use that experience to apply or jobs in a hospital. It’s a great way to take the skills you already have and put them to use in a more fulfilling job.

Home Care

There is a big shortage of carers at the moment so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a position. There are a few different levels of careers; if you’re going to be administering medical treatments, you’ll need extra training. But if you’re working with patients that just need help with daily tasks around the house then you should be able to apply without going back into education. Being a carer is all about the people so it’s the ideal job for sociable people.

You don’t have to spend years training to be a doctor if you want to work in the medical industry and help people, just try one of these alternatives instead.

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