Life can be wonderful, and life can be terrible, and life can be everything in between. Even understanding that full spectrum of possibility, it’s not a bad idea to look at a few types of life situations that you always want to avoid or prevent. It’s not always fun thinking about bad things, but at least considering them in advance gives you many benefits.

Start brainstorming with a handful of typical examples of bad things that happen that can be prevented or avoided. In many cases, car accidents are totally unnecessary. If you pay attention to your diet, many nutritional issues don’t become problematic. For the most part, it is possible to avoid trouble with the law. And, anger and overreactive behavior is the cause of lots of stress later in life and is not a necessary component of a peaceful existence.

Car Accidents

Some of the worst things that can happen to you or people that you know that are often entirely preventable are car accidents. Especially on the roads today, it seems like a huge percentage of people are distracted driving by texting or talking on their phones, and another considerable percentage shouldn’t be on the road anyway because they’re going too fast, too slow, or look like they don’t know how to drive in a straight line. After a car accident occurs, there can be injuries, property damage, the loss of licenses, and all sorts of other negative consequences. The best thing you can do is always be a defensive driver and obey traffic laws.

Nutritional Issues

It’s amazing how many people feel bad about themselves and are literally unhealthy, but they don’t think that the issue is their fault. If people follow basic nutritional guidelines, then they don’t have to deal with obesity and many diet-related diseases. There are always genetics and environment at play, but the majority of cases of nutritional trouble comes from people not exercising restraint with their eating habits.

Trouble With the Law

It’s astounding how many people know the law but still break it. It’s not hard to stay away from criminal behavior. In some cases, people feel like they have no choice but to violate the laws in certain environments. Other times, people just don’t have a good moral sense and feel like they can get away with a crime if it benefits them.

Anger and Overreactions

Many people live life feeling angry and overreacting to all sorts of small situations. This is one of the worst ways that you can approach day-to-day living. In extreme instances, people with anger issues can be violent and unpredictable around even normal situations, and they are the ones who end up with the most severe consequences for their behavior. Taking anger management classes if you need is an excellent first step to preventing this in yourself.


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