Math being a vast subject, consists of various formulas and equations which can be very hard in grasping but once understood can unlock the world for you. When looked closely at these major equations and formulas, it consists of various small concepts which are usually taught in the primary standards. Some of them are mentioned below.


Every point representing in a number line stands for a number. This number line consists of all sorts of numbers whether it would be a fraction or an imaginary number. The fractions can be represented in preceding order between 0 and 1 and the imaginary numbers are not found in the real number line but they are equally important along with prime numbers, which are numbers with only two divisors such as 1 and the number itself.


Sets are used to define numbers and operations such as subtraction and addition. Basically, these concept is introduced to organize the math terms in them.

Zero and Pi 

Zero is one of the greatest inventions in time along with Pi which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter. The representation of zero is everywhere where the value is null and the basic usage of Pi is in trigonometry.

Equations and Equal

The equal to sign (=) is so common in math but has a greater significance. A math statement with an equal to sign in the middle is termed as an equation. This sign can also be used to link two mathematical expressions that have the same value.

Graphs and Functions

The invention of graph brought algebra and geometry together which enables you to draw solutions to equations which can include the variables as line, point, circle, geometric shapes etc on a graph. Functions, on the other hand, works like a machine in which you will be inserting one value and you will get another value in return depending on the nature of the function.

Areas of Geometrical Figures 

The study of figures in a plane or space is geometry and every geometrical figure occupies some area whether it would be the area of a triangle or circle or square, every figure contains some angles and the above concepts can be used to perform various operations in mathematics.

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