Corporate sponsorships stands as one of the most effective marketing tools, yet many business are falling behind when it comes to event sponsorship. From Saturday morning 5k runs to parade floats, making your business a household name in the neighborhood earns a competitive edge that can’t be found elsewhere.

Most consumers consider a company’s reputation before giving them their business. Consumers support or reject companies based on the positions, or lack thereof, they advocate. In fact, 87% of consumers buy based on values, and 76% boycott based on values. Though brand loyalty is hard to come by these days, consumers are more likely to have positive feeling towards brands that vocalize support for issues that the individual cares about.  looking to make an impact on the community and get their name out there at the same time.

A business can’t grow when it only thinks globally. How does your corporation support its local community? Take a look at this infographic brought to you by Zipsprout for more on corporate sponsorship, how it helps to reach consumers, and how it supports businesses and communities growing together.

How Corporate Sponsorship Helps Your Business Grow 1

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